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Robotic heart surgery leads to immediate recovery of patients with SP

Procedure adopted in the German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz is considered minimally invasive, allowing smaller cuts in the chest

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Two patients with 23 and 49 years of age inaugurated the Cardiac Robotic Surgery Program of the Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital in Sao Paulo, started the first week of this month. The operation is considered minimally invasive, unlike other cardiac procedures that require larger incisions, with the opening of the sternum. In robotic heart surgery, chest cuts are tiny, allowing immediate recovery of the patient.

"The robot allows the visualization of the body is greater than the human eye. In addition, the movements are much more accurate, eliminating tremors that naturally affect the hands of any surgeon," explains João Roberto Breda, a cardiovascular surgeon who operated on the youngest patient.

The patients left the operating room agreed. No blood transfusion was necessary and due to small incisions showed no significant pain postoperatively. They spent 24 hours in the intensive care unit and were discharged on the third day.

"If this were a traditional surgery, they would be 48-72 hours in the ICU and from 7 to 10 days in hospital, and run more risks of infection and postoperative pain," says Breda adding that the rapid return to work is another benefit "in robotic heart surgery you can resume activities within 30 days, while in conventional removal is 3-4 months."

The procedures in the Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital were performed to correct a congenital heart defect called atrial septal defect, the opening between the right and left heart in its upper part called the atrium. Small incisions were made in the chest wall to allow the introduction of an endoscope with attached video camera. The high resolution images and three-dimensional were transmitted to a console where the surgeon commanded the movements of the clamps installed on the patient.

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Besides being effective in the treatment of atrial septal defect, surgery is indicated for repair or replacement of mitral or tricuspid valve, removal of intracardiac tumors, correction of arrhythmias, implantation of cardiac resynchronization and myocardial revascularization, known as bypass surgery.

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