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Laser syringe to administer drugs through the skin painlessly

Laser technology uses low intensity to cause reversible opening of the pores, allowing the passage of drug

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Researchers have developed a syringe Portugal laser capable of administering drugs through the skin painlessly and safe. The new technology developed at the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra consists of an active technique of skin permeation, that through the use of laser light of low intensity, reversible causes opening of skin pores, allowing the passage of drugs .

According to the researcher involved in the project Carlos Serpa, the biggest advantage of the new syringe over the conventional method of administering drugs by injection is the fact that new technology be "painless, safe, reversible and easy to use."

As yet, no one knows where the new medical procedures may be used syringe.

"Our main targets are the dermatological applications. In these fields there are several treatments that are necessary to ensure that a high concentration of medication reaches the dermis in a few minutes, something that has already proved to be possible with our methodology," said Serpa. The researcher also notes that the team's goal is also to apply technology in vaccination, which is "particularly important because the vaccination of children is usually done by means of injections, causing pain and fear."

After a phase of technological development, proof of concept, building a first prototype and the filing of a patent, the research group seeks partnerships for industrial production of the syringe laser. Once this phase, the technology could be tested in human clinical trials. As a way to commercially exploit the technology, the researchers created the company LaserLeap. The expectation is that the syringe laser to reach the market within a year.

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