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ICESP solves 93% of cancer patients' questions by phone

Project receives over 2500 calls per month; solutions simple questions avoid unnecessary travel to the hospital

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A survey conducted by the Cancer Institute of the State of São Paulo (ICESP) showed a surprising number and that makes life easier for those who go through treatment at the unit. Over 90% of patients using the telephone service of Hello Nurse, project focused on oncology ask questions, avoid unnecessary travel to the Institute. Designed to ensure comfort and safety to the patient, the hospital receives monthly, about 2500 links.

The research also showed the largest source of doubts among the patients: 60% of them are related to the symptoms that arise in the days following the application of chemotherapy such as diarrhea, fever, hair loss, fatigue, nausea and excessive heat. Users will also ask about matters related to daily activities, if allowed to shave or shaving, as is proper nutrition during treatment and the way of taking prescribed medications, for example.

Implanted in the reference model of nurse - in the same professional follows the patient from beginning to end of treatment - the design allows the patient to carry out the questions to a professional who knows your case and your history. For this, the mobile station uses a ICESP, managing connections meet anywhere in the hospital.

"With the success of the service, we ensure that the patient has to leave home s go to hospital unnecessarily getting answer questions simple and specific. Of all incoming calls, only 7% are cases in which the Institute is coming to inevitable, "says Daniel Vivas, manager of nursing ICESP and responsible for the service.

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