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Doctors point to mobilization against health plans in October

Movement estimates that there are breakthroughs in the negotiations with the operators since the last downtime, but insufficient

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After three months of trading after the warning given to operators of health plans in mobilizing April 25, authorities and medical associations have adopted a new and possibly indicative of broader national strike in October.

The movement physician assesses that there is progress in negotiations with health plans since the last mobilizations -7 April and 21 September 2011 and April 25, 2012 - in which medical care plans stopped and held public events. Doctors believe, however, that the achievements are still insufficient.

The balance was made on Thursday in enlarged meeting of the National Health Insurance (COMSU), composed of representatives of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), the Brazilian Medical Association (AMA) and the National Federation of Doctors (FENAM), with participation of regional councils, unions and medical societies.

Representatives of the States criticized the proposals for increases in doctors' fees made by the operators, in some cases regarded as negligible.

The doctors also warned of the need to correct the gaps accumulated in recent years and to extend the adjustment of the consultations also other procedures.

The meeting on Thursday indicated the continuation of negotiations with the operators, conducting meetings in the States between July and August and an indication of the national strike in October, the month that marks the day the doctor.

The duration of the walkout and other mobilization strategies will be evaluated by the States and facsimiles at the next meeting of the National Health Insurance, scheduled for August 17.

Alongside this movement, the medical entities charge of ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) to issue a resolution to replace the current rules, 2004, to ensure the signing of appropriate contracts between carriers and physicians, through their bodies, and adjustments satisfactory.

Source: CFM
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