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Cherry seed extract may help in the fight against leishmaniasis

Extract the fruit rejected by the industry may be employed in the production of drugs for the disease

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Research developed by the Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering, University of São Paulo (USP) Pirassununga, made from waste seed of cherry, can help in the fight against leishmaniasis. The extract obtained with the fruit industry for the rejected and which corresponds to 30% by weight, can be used in the manufacture of medicament for combating the disease is common in tropical and subtropical countries.

Leishmaniasis is a serious disease that if left untreated, can lead to death in up to 90% of cases, according to the Ministry of Health is transmitted through the bite of female phlebotomine sandfly. Since there is no vaccine against the disease, measures to combat the disease are based on control vectors and reservoirs, according to the recommendation of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). According to World Health Organization, regiatrados are at least 500 000 new cases of visceral leishmaniasis annually.

According to Professor Dr. Edson Roberto da Silva, who oversaw the survey, the method developed inhibits the enzyme essential for the metabolism of the protozoan Leishmania, which causes the disease.

According to researcher Deborah Birth and Santos, the author's master's thesis, which started in 2010, the study is part of a project developed in Brazil and France, which has the largest funding the Foundation for Research Support of São Paulo (FAPESP). For the two extracts were used unconventional methods. The first extraction made in France, pressurized used solvent (ethanol), which allows high extract yield in a shorter period of time. The second was in Brazil with supercritical fluid, under temperature and pressure above the critical level.

The researcher reported that the studies are still in preliminary stage and there is no weather forecast and feasibility of production of the medicine to fight the disease in humans. Sometimes a substance has a great effect against a micro-organism, but is toxic to us. So you have to do a test to see if it is safe for consumption, he says.

She stressed that it is more common in the Southern Hemisphere, there is little investment in research by the international pharmaceutical industry. Leishmaniasis is much neglected by the pharmaceutical industry, warns Deborah.

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