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Health suspends transfers to municipalities for 338 duplicate records

The transfers will be restored when local managers of SUS demonstrate that inadequacies have been addressed

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The Ministry of Health suspended the transfer of funds for the month of May to the cost of 304 Family Health Teams, 299 teams and 2107 Oral Health Community Health Workers who work in the Family Health Strategy (FHS) in 338 municipalities.

The suspension of financial incentives was driven by double registration of the FHT professionals, appointed by the National Register of Health Establishments (CNES).

As part of the action of supervision and transparency in the implementation of primary care resources and is accomplished when the Ministry of Health identifies irregularities in the management strategies and programs by the city health department, directly responsible for the implementation of health services users of the Unified Health System (SUS). The transfer of federal funds is restored so that the local managers of SUS show, the federal government, the inadequacies have been addressed.

Ordinance 1285 states the list of municipalities that failed to receive the April installment of the incentive payment corresponding to Basic Care (PAB) variable and also the teams and players who had problems in SCNES. As resources are restored at the time that the inadequacies are resolved, the suspension does not represent the interruption of the ESF and the Smiling Brazil program in these locations.

The Family Health is the main strategy of the Ministry of Health to reorient the model of health care to the population from primary care, which is the main and closest gateway to the SUS, able to solve up to 80% of problems people's health.

Currently, there are over 32 000 Family Health Teams established in 5279 municipalities, representing a percentage of 94% coverage by the Family Health. The implementation of the strategy is shared by the states, Federal District and municipalities and coordinated by the Ministry of Health

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