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Entities disclose medical letter of repudiation of the vacancy in medicine

AMB, APM and Cremesp were against the measure announced by the Ministry of Education to create 2415 new jobs in the sector

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The Brazilian Medical Association (AMA), Associação Paulista de Medicina (APM) and the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp) published a repudiation, on Wednesday (20), as announced by the Ministry of Education (MEC) for creating new jobs in medical courses.

On the last day June 5, MEC announced a plan to create 2415 jobs, some in existing courses and other new, both in public and in private universities. According to the ministry, the growth represents 15% of medicine vacancies in the country and part of the vacancies available in the second half of this year.

<b> Read below the letter of medical entities </ b>

AMB, APM and Cremesp reject MEC's ​​intention to create thousands more jobs in medical courses

In defense of citizens' health and quality of medical practice in Brazil, the Brazilian Medical Association (AMA), the Associação Paulista de Medicina (APM) and the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp), with the support of medical specialty societies, have a public position is radically contrary to the intention of the Ministry of Education (MEC), ratified in Today's report, the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency, 2415 to create more new jobs in medical courses have existing and others to be created between now and 2014.

Again, the Federal Government seeks to mock the attempt to solve problem that has dragged on for decades in the health system, perhaps by their own lack technical, managerial and policy: the maldistribution of physicians in the country. According to the minister of education, Mercadante, the increase in enrollment is the premise for the internalization and assistance of professionals in remote areas of difficult access. MEC says that Brazil lacks shortage of doctors, compared to other countries.

This argument indicates insufficient knowledge of health management. There is no magic number on the doctor-population ratio to be applied equally to all nations and peoples. This ratio must take into account different factors, such as epidemiological data, health system, socio-economic, demographic characteristics, state policies, among others.

In Brazil, the problem is not quantity but quality and lack of public policies that stimulate the appropriate geographic distribution of physicians. We have 371,000 professionals, averaging 1.95 per thousand, well above the world average - 1.4 per thousand inhabitants.

Examples of the proportion doctor per 1,000 inhabitants: Federal District (4.02), Rio de Janeiro (3.57), São Paulo (2.58) boast similar levels to block the so-called first world, the comparison of the minister of education. However, in all of them still lack professional on the outskirts and there are numerous health ailments.

Ten years ago, medical schools doubled, moved from 100 to 196. We form now about 18 thousand doctors a year, but most without adequate training, as government policies aimed only quantity, not quality has worried the authorities.

Suffer so with an unprecedented commodification model of medicine. These courses are expensive, no tools required for training: faculty quality is questionable, teaching and curriculum grids wrong, lack of teaching hospitals etc.

A survey conducted over two years by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education (under the supervision of former Minister Adib Jatene) clearly demonstrated that a significant proportion of medical schools do not have any existing conditions to provide the necessary training to students.

The Preliminary Concept Course (CPC), also released by the Ministry of Education, confirmed that concern the number of medical schools that achieved poor grades, from 1 to 2 (of 141 institutions evaluated were 23). We also regret that none of them has obtained full marks (5).

It is for the MEC, therefore, to assume its role as regulator and supervisory education, requiring immediate reforms in education courses and not enough to punish them or closing them when appropriate. Unfortunately, over the years, perceives omission and neglect of the problem. What we have seen is the rampant opening of new schools, public and private, without appropriate criteria for good medical education. And what to do with those that do not form properly?

Instead, it resorts to trickery only endanger the health and lives of citizens. Right now, besides the wrong idea of ​​creating new jobs in medical courses, the government threatens the country's borders open to professionals trained abroad without requiring through rigorous examination to revalidate diploma, proof that they are actually able to practice medicine in Brazil.

The health and lives of Brazilians in danger imminent, in this way. Thus, AMB, APM and Cremesp fulfill its mission to terminate the danger and draw media attention and population.

If the government insists on such proposals, based on their own beliefs, we are ready for public debate, to which we invite the Ministers of Education and Health

We do not furtaremos at any time to defend medicine and especially our patients, the reason most of our work.

<i> São Paulo, June 20, 2012 </ i>

Brazilian Medical Association

Associação Paulista de Medicina

Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo

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