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Referral hospital in the health care seeking for children zero waiting list for surgery who have had up to 1200 patients

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Foto: Paulo Barros/Governo do Piauí
Medical examination performed in children at Children's Hospital Lucidio Portela, Piauí.
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Medical examination performed in children at Children's Hospital Lucidio Portela, Piauí.

The Children's Hospital Lucidio Portela (HILP), a reference in health care for children in Piauí, will perform the first laparoscopic surgery for urologic disease state. The patient is operated on 15 days. The procedure follows the efforts of the unity of the state capital, Teresina, who has come to accumulate a waiting list of up to 1,200 patients for elective surgeries in the last year. The treatment will be offered by the SUS.

All those who were on the waiting list and that we maintain contact already had surgery. However, there are 200 patients that were not found at the addresses left in the hospital, says the director of HILP, the doctor Ednaldo Miranda.

The doctor makes an appeal for families to seek the hospital to reschedule surgeries. We would like to say to those families who were awaiting surgery to seek direction. Any day of the week has given pediatric surgeon. You will have your surgery scheduled immediately for a minimum space of two weeks, he adds.

We went back to do more than 200 surgeries a month where we serve a significant number of children with urinary problems, says the director.

For the first time in the NHS, we are doing and percutaneous endoscopic removal of ureteral and renal calculi in children. This year the hospital has acquired all the necessary equipment. We serve a baby of 1.5 kg to a teenager of 18 years, says Miranda Ednaldo. He said 40% with surgical treatment of diseases in children are from the urinary tract. It is almost half, not to mention those who still have problems diagnosed during pregnancy. To name a few, today we attend cases of children in need of reconstruction of the urethra, surgery for urinary incontinence, bladder cancer, hernia, varicocele, finally, all diseases of the urinary tract, says.

According Ednaldo Miranda, the hospital now has a laboratory equipped and dedicated to children with some type of bladder problem. Over 600 patients are monitored in the unit.

According to the director, the state of Piauí is the most individual cases of the syndrome Urofacial Uchôa. There are 11 patients being followed. Children who suffer from this disease are born with a genetic alteration. When the bladder contracts, the urinary sphincter, as opposed to relax, also shrinks. This causes the urine return to the kidney and renal causes. Generally patients with 15 to 16 years are going to need dialysis and even transplantation, he says.

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