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Survey reveals that the HCor anxiety reaches 85% of smokers

Study in partnership with MS revealed that anxiety is still the main factor that makes patients dependent on tobacco

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A study by the Heart Hospital (HCor) in partnership with the Ministry of Health revealed that anxiety is the main factor for not quitting. About 40% of patients had mild or moderate symptoms of depression and more than 85% of patients had symptoms of anxiety, medium or high. Research has evaluated the best technique to combat smoking in Brazil.

For research, we selected 208 smokers, 112 women and 96 men. Patients were divided into two groups and were monitored between June and December 2011.

The first received only nicotine patches to replace the cigarette. The second group, in addition to nicotine replacement, by adhesives, receive counseling.

We found that anxiety should be treated in order to succeed in the fight against smoking, so the importance of psychological intervention. She was primarily responsible for the high rate of non smoking cessation during the study, says Ishmael Silvia Cury, Manager of the Psychology Department and the HCor responsible for implementing the study.

Among the patients, it was observed that 26.5% had hypertension, 36.8% have had some treatment for smoking and 30.9% have a high dependence.

During the study, patients were weekly through consultations with the medical research that evaluated issues related to treatment for smoking cessation as side effects, withdrawal symptoms, relapses and doubts about the use of medication. Was also performed measuring the carbon monoxide before and after the replacement treatment. The consultations were held in HCor, fortnightly, for three months, says Silvia.

We are currently conducting telephone follow-up of patients treated, but do not yet have final figures of the withdrawal of these patients. During follow-up doctor, it was found that some patients have comorbidities that may worsen or bring more severe health problems if there is smoking cessation. Another fact observed is that living with other smokers, which is considered a risk factor for relapse have been reported in other studies, is seen in 75% of the participants, Silvia Cury ends.

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