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On World's Hamburger, doctors warn of the dangers of junk foods

"One of the goals of WHO is to reduce or even prohibit the advertising of this type of food for children and youth"

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The American Medical Association has called for an end of figure of Ronald McDonald's mascot. Organizations representing physicians of all specialties in the UK, demanded that brands like McDonald's and Coca-Cola are prohibited from sponsoring events like the Olympics. The Australian Medical Association has proposed a fee on these foods to reduce consumption.

Throughout the world, health workers move to minimize the effects of junk foods (fast foods), class of which the burger is one of the main representatives.

According to the chairman of the Department of Endocrinology of the Associação Paulista de Medicina (APM), endocrinologist John Roberto de Sa, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has been moving to create policies that reduce or even prohibit the advertising of such food for children and youth, and seek changes in the formulation of these foods, reducing fat and salt.

"The fast foods have little fiber, are high in sodium, fat (usually trans) and very caloric. Here in Brazil, many schools are now banning fried foods, sandwiches and other fast foods. As awareness of the medical I believe the country is positioning itself correctly this global campaign. Our biggest concern is the explosion of obesity and with it diseases like diabetes and its complications. medicine we seek is preventive, is to sensitize children and adolescents, preventing the onset of obesity process at this time, the full expert.

A long history

On May 28 is celebrated the World Day of Hamburger. For the vast majority of consumers around the world would have created the hamburger in Hamburg, Germany, in mid-17th century, where his name originated.

But the source of the best known of fast foods is much older. Genghis Khan (1167-1227), the "emperor of all emperors," and his army of Mongol horsemen, found a way of eating on the go, using horse meat or lamb, ground under the cage of their animals, as they rode . Was there, in the twelfth century, Mongolia, and has the need to avoid wasting time, the origin of our Hamburger.

In Brazil, the food was introduced by American Robert Falkenburg, tennis champion at Wimbledon, which opened in 1952 in Rio de Janeiro, the first BOB's cafeteria, according to American standards. With the sandwich arrived, though, the milk shake and sundae.

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