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Influenza vaccination coverage reaches 41% so far

Campaign, which began on May 5, runs to the 25th of this month. Government's goal is to vaccinate 80% of target audience

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The Campaign of Vaccination Against Influenza shows that, to date, 41% of the population was immunized against the disease, representing 12.2 million people around the country. The numbers were updated until this Thursday (17) by the Ministry of Health's campaign, which began on May 5, will continue until the 25th of this month.

Children are the ones with the best percentage of coverage so far. More than 2 million children were placed within reach of the vaccine corresponding to 48% of 4.3 million.

Among pregnant women, the campaign has immunized 808 700, which indicates 37% vaccination coverage in relation to the target audience of 2.1 million mothers. It has also sought the health centers in search of the vaccine over 8.3 million older adults. This number represents 40% vaccination coverage. Altogether, this target audience reaches 20.5 million people.

Since the indigenous population received 159,900 doses of vaccine. In this group the coverage so far, is 27% compared to the total population of 586,600. In this public vaccination occurs in villages where they live. This is a population living in remote areas of difficult access, and therefore the data is only entered into the information system after the teams back from villages.

Professionals who have been vaccinated total 947,200, representing 38% of the total, more than 2.4 million professionals working in patient care units in reference to health issues. The idea is to preserve this work force and thus prevent the spread of disease to the high risk population.

The data were transferred to the Ministry of Health for the State and Municipal Health

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