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Study excess reduces sperm concentration 20%

Drastic change in lifestyle decreases the concentration of sperm, but also changes the morphology and sperm motility

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Effort put in a week academic reduces by more than 20% the concentration of spermatozoa. Is the conclusion of a study conducted at the University of Aveiro (UA), in Portugal, which also shows that the activities at 15% change the morphology of the male reproductive cells.

According to project leader, Margaret Fardilha, student abuse are linked to increased consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Moreover, they cause changes in diet and sleep cycles, which cause decreased sperm quality.

Biologist explained that there are several publications indicate that the quality of semen is decreased in the population for several reasons, one of the lifestyle. Therefore, in this study of the AU team sought to "assess how changes have dramatic influence on sperm quality" in order to warn young people about the fact that maintaining an unhealthy habit for several years could have negative impact time to have a child.

According to information released today by Science site, the results relate to an investigation that began in 2010 and collected semen samples from 55 volunteer students from the Universities of Aveiro and Coimbra to assess semen quality after a week of academic excesses . In addition, students met on three different occasions, a questionnaire of control over consumption of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and other habits.

The investigation led to the conclusion that a week of dramatic changes in lifestyle have negative influence on the concentration of sperm, but also in morphology and sperm motility.

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