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Brazil recorded 10,000 new cases of laryngeal cancer each year

HC of St. Paul's awareness campaign to mark World Voice Day, celebrated on Monday (16)

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Brazil ranks second in the ranking of incidence of laryngeal cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). For years, are diagnosed in 7000 to 10 000 cases of the disease. According to the Brazilian Association of Otolaryngology, 70% of people use their voice professionally and at least one-third as the main working tool.

On Monday (16), World Voice Day, Hospital das Clinicas (HC) of St. Paul begins a campaign for educating the public about the importance of caring for the vocal cords. Until Friday (20), will be made around 500 tests laryngoscopy. According to Adriana Hachiya, ENT specialist and coordinator of the campaign, the delay in seeking a diagnosis for hoarseness is a major difficulty.

People overlook the symptoms and think they will pass. When sought medical treatment, is already in an advanced stage and it is difficult to preserve the voice, the doctor explains.

People who smoke, consume alcohol and have a history of illness in the family are at highest risk for diseases of the larynx, says the doctor. She recalls that periodic examinations allow early diagnosis. When this happens, we can preserve the structure of the vocal fold and the patient gets a mild degree of hoarseness.

In larynx cancer, other diseases can be identified from the tests, such as vocal nodules, Reinke's edema and papilloma. The nodule, for example, is very common in teachers and is one of the most common reasons for removal from the classroom, says Adriana Hachiya. Reinke's edema, in turn, is common in smokers and responsible for more serious tone of voice, especially in women. People who participate in the campaign will be assisted by a team of otolaryngologists and audiologists. Patients will also receive informational materials and watching videos on the topic. By day, the goal is to serve 80 to 100 people in the building of the Central Institute clinics HC.

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