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About 360,000 Brazilians live in families at high risk for myocardial

Brazilian Society of Cardiology to alert health professionals need to identify these groups

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It is estimated that about 360,000 Brazilians in certain family groups, are at risk of infarction due to high cholesterol. They have familial hypercholesterolemia. Since the vast majority do not know it, the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC) has begun to draw the attention of physicians to this situation and is planning a campaign aimed at the lay public, in the second half.

The first step is to alert doctors, says the chairman of the Department of Atherosclerosis of the SBC, Hermes Xavier. He adds that, as of August, will start a campaign to educate the public and, simultaneously, will be published a guideline Society of Cardiology, indicating when the doctors suspect, how to diagnose and treat familial hypercholesterolemia.

The cardiologist explained that many professionals still imagine that genetic conditions acting on cholesterol are rare, but recent studies show that one in 500 people suffers from this problem.

The physician should be wary, for example, when attending a case of early infarction, anyone under 40 years, he says, or when a patient says that close relatives had heart problems and the survey shows high levels of cholesterol in the range of 300, for example.

Dosage <b> family </ b>

In these cases the recommendation is to make the measurement of cholesterol in the whole family. When there is a genetic factor, the survey shows that 10 relatives, about half will have the problem, which is not due to the feed.

In these people, too much cholesterol is produced by the liver and that a strict diet reduces at most 10% of cholesterol. To strip them of the risk range, it is necessary to use medication, particularly statins, which managed properly reduce cholesterol levels, reduce cardiovascular risk and patients now have a life expectancy consistent with the rest of the population.

<b> Workshop </ b>

Working with doctors starting on Saturday (14) when the Department of Atherosclerosis held a workshop in Sao Paulo. As the control of familial hypercholesterolemia is fit as a preventive measure, the event is open to all health professionals and not only to cardiologists. The workshop will be attended by experts from various areas, such as Frederick Raal, South Africa, who will work in the country, Alexandre Pereira, who is a scholar of the genetic basis of disease, and Maria Cristina Izar, whose theme is the treatment familial hypercholesterolemia and the Brazilian experience.

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