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Health boosts performance of dentists and nurses in primary care

Ministry offers grants of expertise to work in cities where there is a shortage of these professionals

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To boost the performance of dentists and nurses in primary care, the Ministry of Health will offer specialization scholarships to work in cities where there is a shortage in these areas. The action focuses on the professional selected by the Program for the Enhancement of Primary Care (Provab), who will work in small municipalities in areas of extreme poverty and the outskirts of large cities, with a monthly allowance of R $ 2,384.82.

With a duration of one year, the specialization will journey 40 hours - 32 in service in the basic theoretical and eight - under the supervision of the program's partner universities. These institutions will support presence and distance through the Telehealth program, coordinated by the Ministry of Health

The municipalities in which the professionals are crowded receive financial incentives for implementation of Telehealth, which allows to discuss, in the unit, diagnosis and treatment with an advisor at the university.

The announcement of the course will be launched by April 20 so that professionals can enroll by the end of the month. The classes and the beginning of the service will be in May.

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The specialization, which include the contents of the National Programme for Improving Access and Quality of Primary Care (PMAQ) and the Performance Index (SUS IDSUS), will be certified by Unasus (the Open University of SUS), a network that meets the needs for training and continuing education of SUS workers through distance learning courses.

Fellows may not have employment with other areas of primary care and does not replace the Family Health teams already working in that municipality.

According to the Secretary of Labor Management and Health Education (SGTES) of the Ministry of Health, Sales Mozart, the specialization course will enable the integration of teaching service in the community, and will have supervision and certification by educational institutions upper part of Unasus. Besides contributing to the provision of better services in the poorest regions, specialization will help train professionals familiar with the demands of the Unified Health System (SUS), he reckons.

The professionals will be distributed in locations to which had been selected by Provab. If the vacancy is not confirmed, the committee managing the Provab indicate another location to work.

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