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Alcohol, direction and death

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Renato Françoso, counselor Cremesp and Sao Paulo in CFM
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Renato Françoso, counselor Cremesp and Sao Paulo in CFM

We can not dispense the alcohol-EMIA and not even serve the growing number of victims, but we have to show our indignation.

Brazilian society has witnessed the growing terrified incidence of accidents involving drunk drivers, with consequent death of innocents. At any time of day or night, especially on weekends, the news is lavish in revealing data in this epidemic that plagues us claiming lives, mostly young and promising. The disastrous addition of alcohol and drugs, coupled with irresponsibility and powerful vehicles, cause irreparable tragedies in the lives of families that will never be comforted.

Not only are the lives of those who assume the direction of the vehicle, unable to do so, at stake. The people who unfortunately are on the line crossing at the wrong time, in the wrong place, just exercising their right to come and go, are victims of this calamity.

The government of Sao Paulo has been engaging in intense publicity campaign against the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years aiming to educate owners of retail outlets of its responsibility to reduce consumption by adolescents. The dry law scared many people, at first, and today nobody cares about it. Meanwhile, the statistics get fat, people die and others are injured, many maimed. The financial cost of caring for these victims excessively burdening the public health system, but becomes smaller in comparison to the suffering of those who lost family members victimized by inconsequential.

Behind all this is a present reality in the lives of our citizens - impunity. The drunk driver is unwilling to perform the breathalyzer test or blood agrees with the dose, and all is right. You have the right not to produce evidence against himself, despite having taken the risk of killing while driving drunk. If proven that he was unfit to drive, yet paid bail, go home and wait all that long and almost always harmless process, resulting in almost nothing in terms of punishment. And so we go. Victims of our own laws. Victims of a police system and a permissive legal lengthy, with laws that allow interpretations that benefit only the offender.

We doctors in emergency rooms to live with the sad reality to meet the victims of this social disease, we feel powerless just trying to minimize the consequences of accidents in each case. We can not dose the lemia alcoholics, even when obvious drunkenness. We do not have the technical resources available to better serve the growing number of victims. Nor can we intervene in the prosecution of offenders and even less in the gradation of punishments. However, we need to show our outrage to society. And believe, at least we, that you can reverse this dramatic panorama in which the deaths and mutilations are worthy of states facing wars. We occupy the possible spaces in the media, social organizations, service clubs and schools, leading to reflection on what it is for each sector of society makes, for us to experience a more civilized way of life. This is also another one of our responsibilities.

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