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Alagoas adheres to the federal program and starts to fight the consumption of crack

By 2014, the state will invest more than $ 37 million in health, public safety and professional training

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The government and the city of Maceió Alagoas signed to join the program Crack, You Can Win, the federal government. Will be invested over $ 37 million by 2014. The value is divided into the areas of health, to increase the provision of treatment and care for drug users, Public Safety, to tackle trafficking and criminal organizations, and prevention, to train professionals who work on the theme.

Other resources to be transferred by the Ministry of Social Development and Hunger Combat (MDS) to the state and the municipality are not intended exclusively for the program, but will also impact these actions.

MDS will enhance the provision of services socioassistenciais, which will be integrated with the health network, where, besides the use of drugs, there are socially vulnerable.

Currently, there are four Centres of Social Assistance Specialized Reference (Creas) in Maceió. By the end of this year, the ministry will support the deployment of another unit in the region of Benedito Bentes. The capacity is only 320 visits to 400 persons / families. In any state, the service capacity is approximately three thousand. In five units Creas co-financing will be passed to the Social Service Approach to R $ 7.65 million this year, which will operate in conjunction with the Street Offices in MS.

Another important type of public facility, the Reference Centers for Homeless People also will be expanded this year. In the neighborhood Well, in Maceió, the third unit will be built in the state. Each can support up to 200 people.

For the approach to children and adolescents in the street, teams of health, welfare and security will have the support of council members to forward to the family or the justice system when appropriate. The Councils will support the Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency (SDH / PR) and will be the link with the actors System Guarantee of Rights of Children and Adolescents. The SDH conduct training for Child Protection, specifically in relation to the approach of dependents.

Prevent the shaft, with actions aimed at the school, health care and social assistance and public security, law and community operators, Alagoas can rely on investments to $ 5.2 million between 2012 and 2014, to face courses and distance. The National Secretariat for Policies on Drugs of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for articulating such training.

The goal by 2014 is to offer classroom courses in the state, 4,800 vacancies for teachers and police to drug prevention in schools. Activities in the distance will be 1400 vacancies for health professionals and social assistance; 5600 advisers; 2100 operators of law; 1300 community leaders. The schedule of courses will be released later in a semester.

With two complementary strategies, the police actions of the program enhance the actions of intelligence and research to identify and arrest traffickers and to dismantle criminal organizations that operate in the illicit drug trade, including border operations.

Will be invested in the state $ 3.6 million for deployment of policing in the areas of high concentration of use of crack and other drugs in addition to the purchase of two mobile bases with video surveillance, two vehicles, four motorcycles in support of these bases and 400 weapons of lower offensive potential.

The program Crack, Can Win was released last December by President Rousseff and has actions of the ministries of Justice, Health, Social Development and Hunger Alleviation and Education, and the House Civil and Human Rights Secretariat.

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