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Scientists in Portugal launches new test for cervical cancer

"Testing the woman" is indicated for people over 30 years, costs around 89 euros and can be made by the patient herself

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Scientists in Portugal launch test that can diagnose cancer of the cervix that can be performed by the patient. Called Test of women, the test was developed by researchers at the University of Coimbra (UC) in order to combine the convenience of a method of self-collection and now recognized the sensitivity testing for the causative agent of cancer, Human Papillomavirus ( HPV) high risk, explains the researcher involved in the project Rui Costa.

The test is recommended for women over 30 years, will cost around 89 euros, and a first stage, it may be acquired in clinical laboratories. But the goal of researchers is that in the short term, the exam is available in pharmacies.

To test the woman performs the self-harvest with the aid of a kit is provided, the sample is then placed in an envelope provided in this case. Then, the collected material is delivered in the laboratory that will perform the detection of HPV. The result is ready within 15 working days. In case of positive result, the patient will be advised to make an appointment with a gynecologist.

Our test does not replace the routine gynecological care, as there are other gynecological diseases, and cancer of the cervix. The Test of Women aims to be configured as another weapon for health monitoring, there Rui Costa.

The solution proposed by researchers from Coimbra and developed over the past five years by Infogene, was validated at the University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden, through a comparative study with the Pap test, which was attended by four thousand women.

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