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More than 5 million students are instructed about obesity

Professionals evaluate students in 22,000 public schools, distributed in almost 2,000 municipalities in the country

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More than 5 million students aged 5 to 19 who attend public schools across the country will have a different schedule this Monday (5) until next Friday (9). The Ministries of Health and Education held the first edition of the Week Mobilization School Health, which is about obesity in children and adolescents. Professionals who are part of the Family Health Strategy will make nutritional assessments on students from more than 22,000 schools in 1,938 municipalities that have joined the mobilization. Are also planned activities and lectures involving the school community (students, professionals and staff) and family visits the students at Basic Health Units located close to schools.

The Week of School Health Mobilization happen every year and was established by order published in the Official Gazette Membership is voluntary and is one of the actions foreseen in the School Health Program, developed by the Ministries of Health and Education since 2007 and that Program has been integrated into Brazil without Misery. The PES promotes the articulation of the basic education with the National Health System for care, prevention and promotion of students from 5 to 19 years and the week is the kickoff, a form of entrosarem teams, meet and thereafter , plan the activities to be undertaken in the year, says the Secretary of Health Care, Magellan Helvetius.

This year the theme of the work week will be a priority prevention of obesity in childhood and adolescence. According to the Household Budget Survey (HBS), conducted between 2008/2009 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), one in three children aged between 5 and 9 years are above the weight recommended by the World Health Organization ( WHO) and the Ministry of Health Among young people 10-19 years, 1 in 5 are overweight. The secretary warns that we must intervene as soon as possible in this reality. It is a problem that already affects one fifth of the child population, so we must act now to not have a future generation of obese, hypertensive, diabetic patients with cardiovascular risk, kidney and brain increased, explains.

The launch of the Mobilizing Health Week takes place in school, on Monday (5), the Municipal School Oswaldo Cruz, Belo Horizonte (MG).

<b> Investment </ b>

The Ministry of Health authorized in December 2011, the transfer of R $ 118.9 million related to 2495 municipalities that have joined the School Health Program and pledged to implement goals and health promotion, prevention, education and evaluation of conditions health of children and adolescents in schools. The municipalities have received 70% of agreed actions to implement. The remaining 30% will be paid after accountability of actions in development. The municipalities (1938) that joined the Mobilization Week of School Health will receive an extra incentive to R $ 558.00 for family health team involved in the action.

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