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National registry will unify data from users of public health

Health establishments begin the registration number of the National Health Card from this Thursday

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From this Thursday (1), public health facilities or contracted to the National Health System (SUS) will register on the forms of procedures of the patients treated, the number of National Health Card (CNS). The goal is that the history of the care provided to patients is recorded in a single national database.

Initially, this record will be considered for service of medium and high complexity, such as admissions, transplants, chemotherapy, hemodialysis, among others.

This number will be registered by a professional health care setting (outpatient or hospital) where the patient is met. In case of hospitalization, the record should be made to discharge, ie, patient care does not yet have the card number must be provided without detriment to the service.

The goal of the federal government is that most Brazilians have the document or the document number 2014. The idea is to allow access to this information for any health unit. "Upon receipt of a patient who already has the card, healthcare establishments should record the number of CNS in the form of service in three stages: the act or the patient's admission or during hospitalization or until discharge," said Secretary Strategic and Participative Management of the Ministry of Health, Odorico Monteiro.

"In cases where the patient does not know how to tell the card number, the health unit should make a query of this number on the website of Department of the SUS (DATASUS)," adds Miller. "This record is extremely important because, from the information gathered in the CNS, we can better monitor the health of patients and ensure a more adequate attention to the Brazilians who use the public health system. Moreover, we can further organize the network of care and the provision of health services across the country, "Miller says Odorico.

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The number of National Health Card must be registered by health professionals in a specific field in the forms of the Hospitalization Authorization (AIH) and High Complexity Procedures (APAC) as well as in the Bulletin of Individualized Outpatient Production (GAP- I). "Thus, the SUS Network now has a kind of access to key information of all patients who pass through the Unified Health System in the country," says the secretary Odorico Monteiro.

The deadline for the beginning of mandatory registration number of the CNS in the forms of care was set in July last year through Decree 763/11, when a period was established for the SUS managers to adapt to this new policy management .

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