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Amazon invests $ 3 million in research to improve health system

State meets national priorities, but search engines that meet the population and geographic peculiarities

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The state of Amazonas will invest $ 3.12 million in research for the organization of the Health Care Network (RAS). The meeting to set the priority lines was held on Tuesday, 28. The researchers will be based on the 19 priorities established by the Ministry of Health is expected that the special notice of the Training Program and Quality Improvement of Health Care (QualiSUS) is released in April. In the Amazon, it is intended to cater primarily to maternal-infant areas and emergency-rescue.

As the chief executive of the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Amazonas (Fapeam), Maria Olivia Simon QualiSUS is an extension of the Research Program for SUS (PPSUS), which had been developed since 2004 in partnership with the foundations of health care state. Unlike the previous program, the QualiSUS will focus on health management.

Amazonas is a state of continental dimensions. We have urban, riparian, indigenous people who need a quality service. Therefore, we have to create new mechanisms and new management procedures. The State Government will support the bid with $ 1 million and MS will invest £ 2.12 million. The feature will be used to construct a local directory search. There are national priorities, but we have narrowed down according to local needs, he explained.

The coordinator of the Department of Planning of the Department of Health (Susam) Radija Lopes explained that it is necessary to strengthen the regionalization of health. This means answering questions related to logistical problems, medical transportation, access to the municipalities and the establishment of specialized professionals within the State. These situations make the process costly, he said.

According to Lopes Radja, another line that needs to move forward is the structuring of shared management between the local health departments because they are responsible for primary care, while Susam handles cases of medium and high complexity.

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