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About 15% of surgeons abuse or are alcohol-dependent

Research shows that problem is associated with depression, stress, and is more common among women

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About 15% of surgeons have problems with alcohol, as abuse or dependence. Is the conclusion of a study developed at the University of Washington, USA and published in Archives of Surgery. Survey results also show that surgeons who showed signs of alcoholism were 45% more likely to admit that medical errors were committed in the last three months.

According to information released by Reuters, the study, led by Michael Oreskovich, was conducted through reports sent to more than 25,000 surgeons, of whom about 7,200 were returned. The questions were about work, life style and humor, and several were used to check alcohol abuse or dependence.

On average, 15% of surgeons showed signs of drinking problems. Other studies have estimated that among the general population, the rate of alcohol problems is around 9%.

The study did not determine why the problems with alcohol may be more common among surgeons, a field that is considered particularly plaintiff, but showed that the problems were associated with physicians also reported problems of depression and burnout - Stress typical work environment.

Among surgeons, 14% of men and 25% of women showed signs of problems with alcohol, although the study does not explain why women seem to take more risks.

The authors argue that the possible cause of the problem is more common among women is the fact that the stress of being a surgeon, and balancing work and personal obligations, it is more common in women.

Among 722 physicians who said they had committed malpractice in the last three months, 77% had problems with alcohol.

In an editorial accompanying the article, the researchers call attention to the fact that the survey response rate was very low. According to the team, this fact means that the research could not represent the universe of the people they sought to study.

Based on this assertion, scientists note that there is a possibility of the percentage of surgeons with alcohol problems may be underestimated because people who have problems with alcohol may be more ashamed and afraid to answer the research

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