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Violence: Causes and Consequences

Dr. Julio Albino Sciesleski is a psychiatrist and member of the National Committee in Defense of Violence and Crime

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Dr. Julio Albino Sciesleski, MD Psychiatrist and member of the National Committee in Defense of Violence and Crime
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Dr. Julio Albino Sciesleski, MD Psychiatrist and member of the National Committee in Defense of Violence and Crime

We watch TV every day in what has been affecting the world community. We believe everything happens for the fact that investments are being allocated improperly. The politicians and leaders understand why costs should be understood as investments, targeted appropriately to health, education, followed by their complements, work, security and justice.

Professionals such as doctors and teachers working in public sector wages are demeaning and have no career plans. In contrast to the high wages paid in the executive, legislature and judiciary.

The use of licit and illicit drugs, often associated with mental disorders that cause an increase of 60% of serious traffic accidents, 6 th to Sunday night.

We watch daily newscasts, always related to a type of violence. The main one, suicide, usually caused by people suffering from illnesses such as depression, causing sixty thousand deaths per year in Brazil. The second cause, homicide, causing more than fifty thousand deaths per year in Brazil, 25% caused by people with affective disorder according to statistics. The third issue relates to traffic deaths, with more than forty thousand deaths, among other mutilations and losses. These tragedies are often related to drug use be they legal or illegal.

In this chaotic scene should ask ourselves: Why our hospitals and prisons are without jobs? Why 80% of prisoners return to prison? And because patients turn to hospitals?

We can imagine that in the case of prisons, the subjects end up with available food, drugs and social benefits. Making the investment policy fails because the monthly cost of an inmate ends overlapping the cost invested in prevention education and health.

The forms of regulation in the country rogue, retraining should be revised, the prison can not be just punishment, should have an educational basis, recuperative, reeducating so social, psychological and mental. We bet on a system of rehabilitation and recovery before penalizing, may be directed to understand the causes which led the subject to commit the crime. Social problems, financial, mental? In our view 11% of our inmates have mental problems, we need social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists in prisons should not be punished with imprisonment only with recovery but educational, social and work.

Thanks to the courage of our minds, our intelligence, courage the world develops technologically with an uncontrollable speed, however we have recorded in our cultural history political tyrannies, dictatorships and even sometimes the control of the church itself to favor the unhealthy area.

Reformulate the punitive systems, developing a social work directed at understanding the pathologies that lead the subject to commit crimes, afraid to offer and watching their reintegration in the social sphere, it certainly will mean a breakthrough regarding the issues in understanding the human being.

The use of anklets, who is on parole is likely to facilitate the monitoring and recovery of the pathological subjects.

Anyway, we think that investment in human, is not based on thinking that aims only costs, but envisions new perspectives, more human.

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