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Enter into force on Wednesday, the new rules for advertising medical

Among the innovations, the prohibition on the distance and extent of restrictions on trade unions and medical societies

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Resolution 1974/2011 indicates restrictions that physicians and institutions that provide medical services to observe when communicating with potential patients. Prominent among the innovations to seal the announcement of certain academic degrees, the express prohibition of medical care at a distance (by Internet or telephone, for example) and the extent of restrictions on institutions such as unions and medical societies. The standard is effective on Wednesday, 180 days after its publication in the Official Gazette

The document was prepared in order to be easily understood by physicians and provide objective criteria to guide the advice of medical professionals and restrain the violations. He values ​​the doctor, preserves the decorum of the profession and protects society, the counselor assesses Emmanuel Strong, director of surveillance CFM and rapporteur of the resolution.

A resolução se diferencia da anterior That dealt with the theme, in force since 2003, is expressly prohibited by the physician to offer advisory services in lieu of medical attendance, this prohibition applies, for example, a medical consulting services offered by Internet or by phone . Another novelty is the seal expresses announce that the professional possesses evidence of post-graduate students who do not keep relationship with his specialty. The aim of the Council is to prevent patients from being inducted into the mistake of believing that doctors have extra qualifications in the area in which it operates, says Strong.

With the new, opened the possibility that the physician disclose have done other courses and training activities as they relate to their specialty and that their receipts have been recorded in the Regional Council of Medicine site. According to the document, the prohibition of the professional to participate in ads for companies and products is extended to unions and medical associations. Thus, specialty societies, for example, may not allow the association of their names to products.

It was also established that medical documents (certificates, forms, newsletters, terms, prescriptions, requests, etc..) Must contain the name of the responsible professional, specialty, registration number in the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) location and number of registration qualification Specialist (RQE) - this number was not required by the previous standard.

What the doctor can not do

- Announce that uses devices that you deem privileged or ability that makes use of unique techniques;

- Allow your name to be entered in contests or awards a promotional year to elect medical, professional or similar prominence;

- Ensure, promise or imply good results in the treatments offered;

- Providing services through the consortium;

- Announce the use of method or technique not accepted by the scientific community;

- Grant interviews for self-promotion, measurement of profit or search for customers (through, for example, disclosure of the address and telephone office);

- Addressing medical subjects, in advertisements or in contact with the press, so sensational, for example transmitting information devoid of scientific or cause panic or unrest in society;

- Use social networking sites to attract customers, and

- View images of a patient for release of technique, method or treatment outcome, even with permission of the patient, the exception to this prohibition, when necessary, the use of the image, previously authorized by the patient at work and scientific events.

Source: CFM
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