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ICU of St. Paul make public dental care program

Pilot project was implemented in August in the largest public hospital in the ABC and will now be expanded to the entire state network

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The Secretary of State for Health Department will implement follow-up dental services across its network of state hospitals. The "Smile More São Paulo", a pioneer in the country, aims to integrate the work of multidisciplinary teams of dentists in the hospitals, made up of doctors, nurses, nutrition and welfare, among others.

Pilot project was implemented in August 2011 Mario Covas State Hospital in Santo Andre, the largest audience of the ABC. The goal is to ensure the maintenance of oral health of both inpatients as well as of those with chronic diseases, met in regular units.

Today monitoring dental happens in specialized hospitals, such as the Cancer Institute of the State of Sao Paulo Emilio Ribas Institute of Infectious Diseases, Reference and Training Center STD / AIDS and Reference Center on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (CRATOD). The proposal is to extend this type of service to the secretary general hospitals, which typically have only answering service Oral and Maxillofacial.

From experience implanted in the Mario Covas State Hospital, the health department will expand the program to other hospitals in the public schools, in partnership with the colleges of dentistry, the Regional Council of Dentistry of São Paulo (Crosp) and São Paulo Association of Dental Surgeons (APCD).

Mario Covas State Hospital were treated 615 patients of the Intensive Care Unit, with daily visits to a dentist to perform clinical and identify possible sources of infection, as well as educate them about oral hygiene. During this period 774 procedures were performed between fillings, extractions and treatment of outbreaks of infection in oral mucosa. It was possible to measure the need for human resources for the hospital, taking into account also the demand as well as medical costs to determine the actual implementation of the program and the dental hospital cost of the maintenance of the project.

In addition to the Mario Covas, seven other hospitals in the state should receive the program this year: Grajaú General Hospital in the capital, Carapicuiba General Hospital, in São Paulo and, within the state hospitals do Vale do Paraiba (Taubate) , Bauru, Américo Brasiliense and gestational age in addition to the University Hospital of Ribeirão Preto.

It is expected that by 2014 the entire state hospital system to provide monitoring dental inpatients. The projected investment when the project is in all hospitals, is $ 35 million per year. "The insertion of the dentist in the multidisciplinary team caring for patients in hospitals contributes to minimize the risk of infection, improve quality of life and reduce hospital stay and promote a full service to the patient," says Giovanni Guido Cerri, Secretary of State for Health of São Paulo.

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