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Fighting dengue in Recife receives reinforcements on Wednesday

Department of Health will have an increase of 17.6% in the number of Environmental Health officers to combat the mosquito in the City

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From this Wednesday (1), the population of Recife receives reinforcement to combat the dengue mosquito, Aedes aegypti. More than 132 professionals will compose the staff of Environmental Health and Endemic Disease Control (ASAC) which already had 800 people. An increase of 17.6% which will increase the number of home visits from 480 thousand to 560 thousand per month.

To start the new campaign of the City of Recife, the new agents are concentrated, at 9am in the auditorium of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located at Rua Fernandes Vieira, Boa Vista, next to the college Maurice of Nassau .

After the group meeting and delivery of the work material (bag, vest identification, biological larvicide, educational material, etc.), the new ASAC to follow the health districts. The hiring of new workers as soon as possible want to minimize the incidence of reported cases and confirmed by epidemiological surveillance in this period of unusual rainfall.

The field work of the new agents include the diagnosis of a water supply and work with the Compesa improvement of supply; educational work with recyclers in irons and next to the old religions of African origin, as well as a joint effort in the priority areas and findings with the use of sound truck.

The campaign against dengue will also include work in conjunction with the School Health Program, in partnership with the Department of Education.

During the carnival, the poles officers and community polyline will be checked by agents of the Environmental Health Program (PSA). In places, they strengthen the fight against Aedes aegypti. The stages in these spaces were armed traps (ovitraps) to catch the eggs of the mosquito that transmits dengue.

During the revelry, the teams will be watching the wrapping and the accumulation of solid waste in inappropriate places, as well as the dosage of chlorine in the supply network of points of revelry.

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