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Software developed at UFRJ assists in the diagnosis of tuberculosis

Computer system analyzes information and identifies those patients with high possibility of having the disease

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The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, through the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering (COPPE), develops a project that puts information technology at the service of diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, which, according to the Ministry of Health is still a challenge for public health.

The project objective is to contain the disease beyond the proposal of the Ministry of Health to prioritize only the identification of people with a cough lasting more than three weeks, which have shown low sensitivity in detecting disease. The initiative, FAPERJ contemplated by the Notice of Support for Engineering, led to the creation of the Neural TB, a software created in Coppe / UFRJ. It is a support tool for physicians and other health professionals to make the diagnosis of tuberculosis faster and more efficient, sums up the electrical engineer, mathematician and professor José Manoel de Seixas

First, the system stores data about the various symptoms, and cough, age and sex of patients with suspected tuberculosis. Then, from the statistical analysis of the information, identify those with high probability of having tuberculosis, and at what level are the disease. With the system, it is possible to give a more accurate diagnosis, identify risk groups and indicate the best treatment to the patient, immediately after the screening of electronic data, highlights.

The TB Neural System gathers information about the symptoms of each patient, which are collected via electronic form during the initial evaluation, performed by a professional nurse at the health center. The database stores information and provides a symptomatic index (score) that indicates the likelihood of tuberculosis. When reading the score, the doctor may refer patients to take the necessary exams and the final diagnosis for each case and may be more accurate to rely on the new look that offers computational intelligence, complete Seixas.

<b> Tests in progress </ b>

To assess the impacts of implementing the system as an ally in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in public hospitals, the technology has been tested in nine hospitals and clinics in six states: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Bahia and Ceara. At each site, we are evaluating the efficiency of the system and the estimated time of initiation of appropriate treatment to patients in a project that includes the participation of professionals from diverse backgrounds, including physicians, nurses, technicians, economists, engineers and systems analysts, Seixas account.

The TB Neural System was developed with open technology, ie, free access to hospitals and clinics. The results have been positive in all test sites.

Along with Professor José Manoel de Seixas, participating in the project Professor Basil Braganza Pereira, Coppe / UFRJ and the Academic Faculty of Tuberculosis Medicina-HU/UFRJ, the physician and professor Afrânio Kritski; Alcione Miranda and statistics, which was a student at UFRJ and is currently a professor at the Federal University of Maranhão. The project is supported by FAPERJ and also has the support of the NGO Management Science for Health (MSH) and the Ministry of Health The project also involves several medical and engineering students, both at graduate and undergraduate, as well high school students as the university's College Application (Cap-UFRJ), participating in an undergraduate research program supported by CNPq Junior.

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