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Medical entities have signed agreement with the adjustment of fees Copel Foundation

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After two months of negotiations between the Regional Council of Medicine of Parana (PR-CRM), the Paraná Medical Association (PMA) and the Association of Physicians of Paraná (SIMEPAR) with the Foundation Copel Assistance and Social Security, the four institutions signed agreement this week on the fee increases of approximately 7,000 physicians agreements.

Under the term sheet, the value of medical consultations will increase by 51%, from $ 53 to $ 70, from 5 to apply. Edition of Hierarchical Brazilian Classification of Medical Procedures (CBHPM) until July 2013, when they adopt the 6. edition. Moreover, it was determined that these values ​​have an annual adjustment in accordance with the established by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).

The medical community feels valued with this agreement and hope that it can represent a trend of relations with other operators, says the president of AMP, John Carlos Gonçalves Baracho during a press conference on the afternoon of 17. He also lists some important elements of the agreement: the annual adjustment by the INPC, CBHPM application of management and care in respect of payments of the doctors who have an average lag of 60 days, now have the possibility to be more agile.

Among the objectives of the Foundation is Copel improve relationships with physicians, guaranteeing the satisfaction of professionals and the proper care of more than 40 000 beneficiaries. We believe that we are beginning a new relationship between the Foundation and the medical Copel, in view of concern about the quality of life of our beneficiaries, ponders the president of the Foundation for Copel Social Security, Helio José Pizzatto.

The focus is prevention. We see the health plan as an extension of HR and want to reverse the current view that has him as a villain, explains the Director of Administration and Security Foundation Copel, Antonio Sergio de Souza Guetta. The entity also will ask doctors to fill out a form epidemiological patient after the consultation, with the aim of promoting awareness and prevention campaigns in accordance with the data collected, basing actions on diseases and health problems with higher occurrence. The completion of the form will result in an extra $ 10 for the doctor to R $ 80 per visit.

Medicine today is the most effective, but also became more expensive. The doctor treats disease when should be dealing with health, hence the need for prevention policies. And this disconnect between physicians and providers is very important in solving problems, says the Chairman of the Board of Medicine of Parana Goytacaz Roberto Carlos Rocha. On this subject, very important to remember the confidentiality of doctor-patient relationship, so the form should be sent without epidemiological patient's name or with his express consent by signing the document, explains Roberto Carlos Rocha Goytacaz.

Also according to the term of commitment, the AMP, through its Specialty Societies, the program creates the Technical Aid to the health insurance companies, which will be ready to answer questions concerning the role of doctors in the plan through the development of opinions.

The Foundation Copel also explained that the increase of the amount paid for the consultation will not result in an increase in tuition of the beneficiaries. We will divert scarce resources by investing in prevention, without affecting the tuition paid by employees, dependents and pensioners of the Foundation, explains Antonio Sergio de Souza Guetta.

Movement <b> Doctor </ b>

The agreement with the Foundation Copel is a result of medical movement, which has been fighting for proper compensation and professional development by the health plans. This is the first agreement with an operator of health supplement since 2005, he covered state and higher values ​​than those charged elsewhere in the country. As a way to protest and draw attention to the movement of society, the medical community met on April 7, 2011, suspending appointments and elective exams, and on October 25, without stoppage of activities.

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