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Conjoined twins joined at the heart die after 19 days of hospitalization

Sisters had severe respiratory distress requiring mechanical ventilation and continuous sedation

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Foto: Ricardo Pinho/FHS
Karinny and Kamille in the NICU
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Karinny and Kamille in the NICU

After 19 days of stay in Our Lady of Lourdes Maternity (MNSL), the Siamese Karinny Kamille Victoria and Victoria did not survive the complications caused by genetic malformations and died on the evening of Tuesday (10), isolation of the unit Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

From birth on December 22, 2011, the sisters had severe respiratory distress. In the first week of life, two of the clinical picture had worsened requiring continuous sedation and mechanical ventilation. Over time, the heart was melted by slowing the rate of heartbeats and eventually stopped. What caught the attention of the nursing staff was the union of sisters, until the last minute. They embraced died. This moved us a lot, said the supervisor of care, Monique Danielle.

Even through the pain of loss, the twins' parents made a point to thank the dedication of those engaged in the treatment of children. There is always a hope, but we were prepared for anything, because we knew that the chances of survival practically non-existent, commented hodman Great Cris da Silva.

For the girls' mother, it was worth every moment of struggle. I found out I was pregnant with conjoined twins in the sixth month of pregnancy. Decided to carry the pregnancy to the end, without interrupting it. I will continue loving my children forever. I know it was a work of God, vented the housewife Aline Ferreira.

Rarity <b> </ b>

The sisters Karinny and Kamille had cardiac fusion fusion type D heart (the atria and ventricles). It was a rare case of multiple births coupled joining the chest (thoracopagus), where the incidence is 1/100.000 births, considered the worst prognosis and separation impossible.

For there is no doubt in our procedure, we send pictures of echocardiography for the doctor Marcelo Jatene Heart Institute of São Paulo. He is an expert on the subject and therefore share the information. Early in the analysis, we found what we already thought, after all these cases, there is no indication for surgery, the cardiologist said MNSL, Mark Pavione.

<b> Studies </ b>

In order to deepen the study of the multidisciplinary team in the last 4 days, motherhood has come to ask a resonance for evaluation of pulmonary venous drainage and systemic and pulmonary output of twin A, which was not possible given the lack of conditions clinical characteristics of newborns.

The survey data do not change the failure to mention the separation of twins, only facilitate the documentation of the case definition and other structures such as liver and lungs pedicles.

All palliative care and support were maintained with dedication by the unit staff, but unfortunately the natural evolution of this malformation is death in the first months of life in 90% of cases, as the experiences of other services, reminded the superintendent of MNSL, Carline Rabelo.

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