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Summer: season of moderation

Son Frederick Carbone is a cardiologist and medical director of St. Elizabeth Hospital

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Son Frederick Carbone is a cardiologist and medical director of St. Elizabeth Hospital
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Son Frederick Carbone is a cardiologist and medical director of St. Elizabeth Hospital

The hottest days of summer are very pleasant, especially for those who are on vacation enjoying life with family and friends. But that joy lasts until the end of the season is necessary to take some care in relation to food.

For those on shore or in the inner cities, which are warmer and without the sea breeze, it is essential to pay attention to hydration. The high temperatures cause the dilation of blood vessels and sweat is a body's response to compensate for the heat and also refresh the skin. Drink lots of water, coconut water, fruit juice and ice cream to offset this loss with sweating. These liquids are given low calorie and replenish the water requirement of the body has days where people are exposed to the sun.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages such as beer, bring a false sense of hydration. Take care! Because it is a vasodilator and diuretic, the blonde ice can be treacherous as it increases the need to urinate. Excessive consumption can lead to rapid dehydration.

The food should be light, with many fruits and vegetables and never be a long time - more than four hours - without food. The heat causes the bacteria to proliferate rapidly in the food and find a safe and healthy meal, often no easy task. The ideal is to leave the house, after taking a good breakfast, with apples, pears, peaches, bananas or any fruit in the time interval up to eat lunch.

With the heat of digestion food is preferable that the light frying. But if you eat a pie or shrimp, for example, be aware that they may be fried on the spot.

The sandwiches are perfect since you know the origin and note the expiration dates. Make their own sandwiches can be guaranteed not to go through trouble. Stick with whole grain breads and multigrain, which give a feeling of fullness for a longer time, with turkey, chicken, or tuna. The white cheese, ricotta and cottage are also excellent.

Enjoy the holidays to start a physical activity. IF you do not, start with walking in the morning, not forgetting the replacement. Exercise increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps suppress appetite, and release endorphins, which give a sense of well being and comfort. Start the year with new habits, which may accompany you for the remaining months of 2012 and perhaps for life.

Make of that period, in fact, the beginning of a new phase and bring with you friends and relatives. A healthier life is good, including self-esteem.

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