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He arrived in Brazil monthly prescription drug to treat schizophrenia

The relapse prevention is a major challenge for the psychiatrist and a major concern for 81% of caregivers

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A recent survey by Ibope in partnership with the Schizophrenia Program of UNIFESP (Proesq) and the Brazilian Association of Relatives, Friends and Individuals with Schizophrenia (Open) states that a relapse of the disease and the search for improved treatment compliance are major concerns for 81 % of caregivers of patients with the disease.

To reduce the number of relapses, is available in Brazil, paliperidone palmitate, a new drug that may improve adherence to treatment and, if used in the initial phase change or improve the prognosis. The drug is the first 2nd generation antipsychotic long-acting to tackle the disease. With monthly application, it offers convenience to the patient and may prevent relapse by facilitating adherence to treatment.

To the psychiatrist Rodrigo Bressan, coordinator of Proesq / UNIFESP, in most cases, seizures occur because the individual leaves the treatment because they believe to be cured because the symptoms may disappear. Research has shown that avoidance of relapse is the main objective of the caregivers. They are increasingly aware that adherence to treatment is essential to keep the disease under control, says.

Chronic mental illness of unknown origin, schizophrenia is characterized by that the person has difficulty in distinguishing reality, beliefs and perceptions. The first signs of the disease usually develop between late adolescence and early adulthood and affects about 1% of the population.

The disease alters the functioning of the brain and affects the behavior of the individual reflecting on their ability to feel, think and process information. The most common symptoms are changes in thinking, hallucinations, depression or euphoria, cognitive deficits, social isolation, aggression and suicidal behavior in severe cases.

The Ibope survey data also show that caregivers realize the direct correlation between proper medical treatment and relapse prevention. In relation to daily tasks and treatment, 30% of respondents indicated that the greatest difficulty is to make the patient takes the drug. Virtually all respondents said the relapse of the patient alters the quality of life, mainly affecting the relationships.

The paliperidone palmitate is being brought to Brazil by Janssen Pharmaceuticals,

pioneer in medication to the central nervous system and reference in the treatment of psychiatric patients.

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