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Adult population of Pernambuco has a high prevalence of overweight

Results indicate the prevalence of excess weight of 51.1%, and low birth weight was found in less than 3% of the population

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Researchers conducted a study of Pernambuco that evaluates the magnitude of overweight and associated factors in the adult population of the state. The survey finds a high prevalence of obesity among the people of Pernambuco. The research was published in the December issue of the Journal of Public Health at Fiocruz.

The results of the study, conducted with 1,580 adults of both sexes aged 25 to 59 years, point prevalence of excess weight of 51.1%, and low birth weight was observed in less than 3% of the population. Excess weight was determined by body mass index less than 25 kg / m². Among women, it was observed that the lower the education level (up to four years of study), the greater the rate of overweight.

The data also indicate an increase of overweight according to the progression of age in the female group, especially after 40 years. Scholars attribute the positive association between age and excess weight to the basal metabolic rate that accompanies the physiological aging process, and the natural reduction of physical activity.

The age of first pregnancy is also another factor associated with being overweight. Women who had children before age 18 had higher rates of excess weight compared with those who had their first pregnancy in older. Greater excess weight among women with early age at first calving could be explained by early activation of hormones related to reproductive cycle, thereby providing an increased concentration of body fat, say the scholars.

With regard to men, the study shows higher prevalence of overweight among residents of urban areas compared to those living in rural areas. Dietary factors and physical activity explain this difference, the researchers said. Considering the case of rural area, it is assumed a greater energy, represented by the type of work and the shifts covered, and less access to processed foods that often have a high caloric density, clarify. Also in the male group, it was found that the higher the per capita income, the higher the rate of prevalence of overweight.

Men, unlike women, have a higher prevalence of overweight in that it increases the level of education. The direct relationship between excess weight and level of education among women and the inverse relationship between the men can represent the trend of greater care with the control of body weight only in women, due to increasing levels of formal education, violate students .

The study also shows a higher prevalence of overweight in men and women ex-smokers for the group of smokers and nonsmokers, which, according to the researchers, can be explained by the action of nicotine, which leads to appetite suppression and adrenergic activity increases, leading consequently to reduce body weight. According to scholars, the significant prevalence of overweight revealed by the study, besides confirming the epidemic levels that the problem has assumed worldwide, including in less developed regions of the country, indicate the influence of different factors associated with overweight. The finding that several factors were associated with excess weight point to the need of inter related and social structure of macro policies to control the disease. Intervention priority should be given to subgroups where nutritional problems were more frequent, they conclude.

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