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Cooperation with Brazil will reduce dependence on antiretroviral drugs in Africa

Mozambique aims to increase access to AIDS drugs while reducing dependence on international

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Factory ART in Mozambique
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Factory ART in Mozambique

Since 2012, Mozambique will represent a new phase in the fight against HIV / AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Is scheduled for the second half of this year the start of production of the first batch of antiretroviral drugs from the factory, the product of a partnership with Farmanguinhos. Thus, the African country aims to increase access to drugs against the disease while reducing international dependence. Maputo will have the first laboratory in the region (excluding South Africa) certified by WHO for the production of antiretrovirals and other medications.

After the release of the first antiretroviral combination, in 1996, access to drugs has always been uneven. While big pharma continue to invest in new formulas in the First World, emerging nations backed the development of generics. Already poor countries settled their programs to combat AIDS in international donations. According to a Portuguese I site in the next four years Brazil will invest 16 million in this factory in Maputo and train one hundred technicians, ensuring access to knowledge that until now did not exist in the country.

In an interview with Portuguese vehicle, the chief of staff Farmanguinhos, Lycia de Oliveira, explained that the biggest gain is the transfer of technological knowledge. More and more authors who argue that countries are not divided by economic conditions, but by access to technology. We have countries that produce the best technologies, others - like Brazil - which can access to this technology and are turning it and countries that are just consumers. We want to raise the Mozambique country capable of transforming technology, he said.

The agreement to build the factory, with works almost completed, the transfer of technology includes five first-line antiretroviral drugs produced in the unit, as the combination Lamivudine Zidovudine Nevirapine for adults and children. Lycian said that when the plant is recognized by WHO, the country may ask the industry voluntary licenses to more advanced drugs, a mechanism available in developing countries through public emergencies. It allows, for example, the generic company in South Africa Aspen has secured permission to use formulas from GlaxoSmithKline and Merck.

In the first six months, will serve the lots produced, all of them, just for testing bioequivalence. The perspective is to supply the domestic market, but there may be exported. It is planned annual production of 226 million tablets and 145 antiretroviral million units of other drugs such as folic acid. Currently, only half of HIV-positive candidates for treatment in Mozambique has access to medicines.

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