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Technology Brazilian innovative therapeutic approach to Parkinson's

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The partnership between the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), a private company and the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Bahia (Fapesb) enabled the construction of Multideglutógrafo (MDG) and ParkiGlove (PG), two products whose function may contribute to advance our understanding and treatment of Parkinson's disease (MP). The two applications for registration of patents are ongoing.

According to the researchers, Multideglutógrafo (MDGs) brings exciting possibilities for diagnosis and treatment even in the near future the question of parkinsonian swallowing - the so-called tracheal aspiration of saliva and food. The MDG is a device that aims to produce data and other information directly related to various aspects of changes in the process of swallowing and breathing of the patient. All these results are demonstrated by means of graphs and numbers, from a software, and are displayed on a computer screen. The Multideglutógrafo is being tested.

The researcher also DINEPA, Ana Caline Nobrega (PPMgS speech therapist and teacher who is guiding the studies from an experimental prototype of the MDGs), notes that the first challenge is to reduce and even prevent these deaths from respiratory infections. For her, the crucial question that arises for researchers DINEPA respect to diagnosis and treatment of swallowing complications in these patients, the so-called silent aspiration.

The MDG is a great promise. We are still at an early stage and the experiments are quite encouraging. It does not replace what already exists in the field of diagnosis of these complications. In addition to not use radiation and is not invasive, the equipment can be a key tool in identifying individuals with MP with a change in swallowing, exemplifies Caline Ana.

The interview (face to face interviews between doctor and patient) and instrumental examination by videofluorocopia - considered the gold standard by researchers - are among the principal modes of investigation of swallowing problems in Parkinson's. At first there is the great possibility of inaccuracy or subjectivism, from the verbalization of the patient, whereas the second, and invasive and uncomfortable, offers objective data from the image display in real time (type x-ray, but only moving) . However, the videofluoroscopy device is expensive, the installation requires a large room and specific and specialized personnel to operate it.

From the viewpoint of clinical reasoning in the field of speech therapy, for example, the MDG offers four important quantitative parameters: the duration of swallowing (oral and pharynx), the coordination between breathing and swallowing; captures the sounds of swallowing and transform graphic signals for later analysis, and the movement of the larynx (swallowing, the body makes movements up and down). References are, therefore, that marked a revolutionary new scenario in the field of understanding the disease and consequently in the face of death.

One of the creators of the promising equipment, mechatronic engineer, recently graduated in medicine, Daniel Almeida, explains enthusiastically: The advantage of the MDGs, unlike videofluorocopia, is that equipment is a low cost, efficient, portable (patient goes to bed) and is accurate in assessing the functional parameters of the process of swallowing / aspiration of Parkinson's patients. Adams points out that the artifact is undergoing improvements and adjustments for any health professional, properly trained, can handle the equipment.

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