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AME Surgical Heels will benefit 510 000 people in 10 counties

Consultations will be offered in 11 specialties, 13 procedures to support diagnostic and five types of surgery

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Governor Geraldo Alckmin officially handed over on Monday (26) the Ambulatory Medical Specialties (AME) in the city of Salto. In addition to offering consultations in 11 medical specialties such as ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology and proctology, among others, the AME will hold 13 Leap procedures to support diagnostic and five surgical procedures for low and medium complexity. Additional services such as nutrition, social care and oral-maxillofacial dentistry will also be offered at the clinic.

The unit will reference service to over 530 000 inhabitants of 10 municipalities: Aluminum, Araçariguama, Boituva, Itu, Jumirim, Mairinque, Porto Feliz, Salto, San Roque and Tietê. "Here we have an AME Surgical, with nearly $ 1 million monthly cost, with 11 medical surgical specialties and this helps to improve the resolution of the medical health units and hospitals vent. It is a reference system," said Alckmin.

Built in an area of ​​1,889 m², the unit has 13 doctors, three non-medical offices and 34 more rooms for examinations and medical procedures such as dressing, medication and rest, among others.

When operating at full capacity, the medical clinic will be held annually to 69,432 doctors, 2,016 non-medical consultations (such as nutrition and dentistry, for example), 624 low-complexity surgeries, 972 outpatient and day hospital 2352 surgical procedures that require hospitalization.

For implementation of the AME Jump to Department of Health invested $ 4.8 million in the reform of the physical structure and equipment purchases. In addition, for 2012 is expected to pass on an additional $ 12 million to be allocated to fund the unit, which will be administered by the city of Salto, by contract with the Social Organization (OS) Crusade Bandeirantes St. Camillus of Medical Social .

"The surgical implantation of an AME will jump on faster in performing elective surgery, those non-urgent but necessary for patients in the region. It is a model of outpatient care which aims to streamline the diagnosis and offer greater efficiency outpatient services, "says Secretary of Health, Gulo Giovanni Cerri.

<b> Medical Specialties: </ b> Head and Neck Surgery, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Gynecological Surgery, Mastology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, ENT, Urology and Urology.

<b> diagnostic support service: </ b> Auditory / impedance; Bera; Cistocopia; electrocardiogram; endoscopy, mammography, nasofibroscopy; Simple Radiology, CT, ultrasound and ophthalmological examinations.

<b> Other Services: </ b> Dentistry Oral Maxillofacial, Social Services and Nutrition.

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