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Students come home visits to combat dengue approach to identify how to improve and reduce the disease index

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Students at the University of Brasilia (UNB) will help the Health Department of the Federal District to identify how to improve dengue prevention work with the community in Ceilândia, a city that is now the third largest number of registered cases of the disease. Since last Monday, 14 students of the Faculty of Public Health Ceilândia accompany UNB community workers and health surveillance as part of the Program for the Prevention and Combating Dengue in the Federal District visits the homes of city residents.

The idea is to observe the kind of approach taken by staff during visits to residents. The professionals of the Department of Health verify that the site is visited foci of the mosquito that transmits dengue, Aedes aetypti, and guide residents about actions to be taken to avoid environments that are conducive to the proliferation of the insect. We want to understand why, even with the information disclosed by the media and the work of the agents, the numbers of dengue are still very high. What we perceive is that the specific actions have not given the job, Parreira said Clelia, project coordinator and the Center for Environmental Agenda of UNB.

The first step of the visits that happens in the city area known as Sector South P, is scheduled to end on January 18. Upon completion, students will prepare survey of strengths and weaknesses identified during the visits and make recommendations to the agents.

The material will help in the next step, which is to train 80 students from 11 centers in the city high school to become multipliers. Transform these kids into school health officials, Clelia said Parreira. To do this, students will receive scholarship valued at $ 250. In addition to the project of improving the work of the agents, the Department of Health and Ceilândia students hope to reduce the incidence of cases of disease in the city. It is an integrated mobilization, prevention and fight against mosquitoes, summarizes Clelia.

To Iasmini Lorraine, 7th semester course in Public Health Management and a member of the project, the inauguration of the campus Ceilândia helped students learn more about the reality of the city. In the area that we are tracking, I noticed that people do not let water accumulate. The population in general, is well understood, but some exceptions make the entire population is affected, he said.

Clelia Parreira intends to expand the program's actions for the other three campuses of UNB and make partnership with the social movements in health and local community leaders to disseminate information about health conditions and relation with dengue.

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The information gathered by agents with the residents also serve as a basis to build a map of risk areas of town. The whole project is a partnership between UNB Faculty Ceilândia, Regional Board of Education Board Ceilândia and Primary Health

According to the epidemiological information released in July by the Health Surveillance Secretariat, second only to Ceilândia Fern and Planaltina in number of reported cases of the disease.

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