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Against transplant rejection drug helps to heal wounds in diabetics

Unicamp Study shows that topical use of the substance helps in retraction of wound inflammation in rats with diabetes

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Common Mistakes in the signaling pathway of insulin in peripheral tissues and in pancreatic beta-cells play a central role in the development of diabetes mellitus. Patients with diabetes also have decreased this signaling pathway in the skin, interfering with the healing process. Insulin signaling through the receptor that activates several intracellular proteins such as AKT and mTOR. These proteins control metabolic processes, cell proliferation and survival.

The action of insulin can be regulated by protein phosphatases, which catalyze the dephosphorylation of proteins involved in insulin signaling pathway. One of the most important is the Phosphatase Homologous and tensor with a deletion of chromosome 10 (PTEN), which is a negative regulator of AKT, functioning as a tumor suppressor. This raises the PTEN in a prominent position, then the smallest function it results in the activation of AKT that once when overactivated can be responsible for the appearance of tumors in several tissues, including skin.

We were looking for a therapeutic target that promotes cell growth and think of cyclosporin A as a negative modulator of this enzyme that controls the process of growth, the supervisor explained the study, Eliana Pereira de Araujo, the Nursing Department of FCM Unicamp. Cyclosporine A is a widely used drug to prevent rejection of transplanted organs. The study evaluated the action of topical cyclosporin A on the process of wound healing in diabetic rats.

If cyclosporine A was used intravenously would have undesirable effects mainly decreased immune system activity, which did not happen when administered topically, as it is not systemically absorbed, with an important effect on the healing process, as proven in laboratory experiments he said.

According to the survey, the topical treatment led to significant improvement in retraction and wound inflammation in diabetic animals to induce inhibition of expression of PTEN and thereby modulate the activity of AKT and mTOR, which can be responsible for providing cell growth and proliferation. This drug amplifies insulin signaling, which is great healing, due to its anabolic effect very large. The next step in the research is to expand the use of topical cyclosporin A in animals and then humans, reinforcing this line of research, the researcher explained.

The scientific work of initiation "Evaluation of action of cyclosporin A in the molecular mechanisms involved in wound healing in diabetic rats," the nursing student Pedro Rafael de Moraes, was a winner in the fourth Initiation Award Inova Unicamp Innovation, delivered in beginning of December in the room of the University Council (Consumer).

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