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Throughout the state have been deployed so far 40 referral centers where addicts find support free

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The Government of Paraiba is a series of actions carried out and extended care services and treatment for those who wish to quit smoking. Mobilizations education and prevention are being made in schools, government offices, private companies and local high-traffic.

Across the state, there are 40 Centres of Reference for the Treatment of Smokers, where addicts can get free support to quit. The service is offered at the Family Health Units, Centers for Psychosocial Care (CAPS), Centers for Comprehensive Health Care (Pier), Support Center for Family Health (NASF) and health centers in 31 municipalities. In some cases, the patients stopped smoking less than one month follow-up.

Treatment Centers of Reference for the Treatment of Smokers happens through a program developed by the Ministry of Health, which passes drugs to the state. This, in turn, is responsible for the qualification of staff, monitoring work undertaken by the centers and referral of material sent by the Ministry. Municipalities enter with the administration of health facilities, which will receive patients.

According to the coordinator of the Center for Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries of the State Secretariat of Health of Paraiba, Gerlane Carvalho de Oliveira, contact one of the centers, the patient is received by a multidisciplinary team with doctors, psychologists, nurses and other. They are, initially, for a medical evaluation and begin to integrate with a group usually 15 smokers who want to kick the habit, he said.

The patient faces four sessions a week. In them, smokers exchange information and, above all, receive guidance on how to replace anxiety smoking. Through a medical evaluation, it is checked whether the degree of patient dependency is so advanced as to need medical treatment. Each case is different. There are smokers in the third session, for example, without medication, can quit, said Gerlane.

The use of drugs takes place under the monitoring center's staff. Relapses are possible and when they occur, addicts turn to be followed. But regardless of the center's work, the patient must want to kick the habit to get beat it, said the coordinator. On average, the centers form a group each quarter.

In Paraíba treatment of smokers happens in health care units of capital, João Pessoa (five centers), Campina Grande (five centers) and Aroeiras (two centers). 28 Other cities have a center each one: Bayeux, Caaporã, Cabedelo Guarabira Bethlehem, Alagoinha, Banana, Solan, Hope, Laguna Seca, Burned, Remigius, Soledad, Taperoá, Cuité, Monteiro, Sume, Ducks, Piancó, Catolé the Rock, St. Benedict, Cajazeiras, Sousa, Pombal, Princess Elizabeth, Juru, Tavares and Beautiful Santa Fe

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