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Managers and health representatives discuss regulation of SUS in Alagoas

Meeting was organized to clarify changes in the organizational model for planning, coordination and assistance

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The standards of the National Health System were discussed this week by the Ministry of Health, Government of Alagoas and representatives of municipalities in a debate on the new regulation of SUS held in Maceió. The aim was to clarify the changes brought about by decree, which has a new organizational model for the planning, coordination and assistance.

The discussions were centered on lectures Organic Law of Health and the Regulated Health and Wholeness in the Legalization of SUS. Commanded the discussions of the Joint Director of the Department of the Ministry of Health Interfederativa (Demags / MS), Andre Luis Bonifacio, the Ministry of Justice Attorney General's Parana, Marco Antonio Teixeira, and Secretary of State for Health, Alexandre Toledo.

Resources are scarce, but the little that we have to be applied properly with the ordination of services. Since March meeting and we discussed it. We must take steps to overcome and we can recover the health indices not only of Alagoas, but from all over Brazil, exposed Toledo Alexander.

In front of the lecture The Organic Law of the Regulated Health - Decree 7.508/2011 and their instruments, Andre Luis stressed the importance of the system, the only system in the world which covers about 190 million people. He highlighted the challenges to improving the political - among them to achieve greater effectiveness, innovation processes, strengthen ties and suspend fragmentation.

According to the director of the joint, the new regulation of Law 8080 is focused on issues such as organization, coordination and assistance. Published in June this year, the document will act as a collaboration agreement signed between the federal entities and brings new requirements and the definition of health regions, integrated planning and the contract up and organizational action of public health, among others.

We also have to strengthen primary care, because if it is not working, the average complexity will not work. The hospital should not be space to solve everything, it must be space only for what was not resolved on an outpatient basis, he said, noting the good results achieved by Alagoas, which has already established with the municipalities to health regions.

From five to 10, the regions must rely on primary care, emergency care, psychosocial care, specialized outpatient care and hospital and health surveillance. The organizational changes proposed by the decree were still handled by the Public Prosecutor of Paraná, Marco Antonio Teixeira, who spoke about the completeness and the Legalization of SUS.

He stressed the need for new standards, which should improve the understanding of justice in relation to health issues. The regulation has a significant importance, because the legal community bring you closer to the system. The court will begin to understand more and can interfere best when dealing with this issue. The decree provides more legal certainty, he noted.

The President of the Court of Alagoas also stressed the importance of making informed decisions for lawsuits arising from patients who have recourse to the courts. At the heart of this discussion, are the interests of the population. On the one hand, the interests of life, the other, the sustainability of SUS, said Sebastiao Costa Filho, noting the high costs of these types of cases.

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