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Parana releases report of food contamination by pesticide residues

Samples with 100% disapproved, chili leads the ranking of food illegally on state

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The government of Parana released a report of food contamination by pesticide residues. Chili, with 100% of unsatisfactory samples, topped the list of products with the highest number of samples contaminated by pesticides or unauthorized use above the allowed limit.

Then there cucumber (75%), pineapple (50%), lettuce (50%) and strawberry (50%). The data is the 9th report of the Program Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food in the State of Paraná (To). The Central Laboratory of the State (Lacen / PR) was responsible for part of the analysis. Other samples were analyzed by LACENs of Goias and Minas Gerais.

We analyzed 105 samples of 18 fruits and vegetables collected by the Health Surveillance of Curitiba in supermarkets in the capital between April and December 2010. An alarming fact is that most of the unsatisfactory samples had residues of pesticides not approved for use in that culture, says the superintendent of Health Surveillance, Sezifredo Peace According to the report, 88.9% of the samples contained pesticides unauthorized which indicates a lack in the use of these products by farmers.

From the results unsatisfactory, the Department of Health sent the reports to the SEAB and EMATER (relating to farmers in the PR), Central Supply - Cease (distributor), State Sanitary Surveillance of other states (when the producer / distributor that is state) and the Public Ministry (prosecution of consumer protection) to take reasonable steps to prevent the production and sale of contaminated food.

The consumption of food with pesticides can cause chronic diseases such as cancers, infertility problems and neurological diseases and allergies among others. The consumer has no way of knowing what kind of products are contaminated, but has the right to demand that the commercial guarantee that the products offered are safe for consumption, says the coordinator of the State Sanitary Surveillance, Paul Costa Santana. The recommendation is to always try to consume foods of the season, to vary the menu and food washing and peeling. If possible, give preference to organic foods.

<b> State Program for the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food </ b>

The Secretary of Health, Michele Caputo Neto, signed in September resolution 217/2011 establishing the State Program for the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food. The goal is to regulate and supervise the use of these substances in food production, since the consumption of food with pesticide residues can be harmful to health.

Initially the program will guide producers, traders and consumers in general about the risks of pesticide handling and consumption of foods with high levels of these substances. Also, after it completes the reform of Lacen / PR, the laboratory will make assessments in the food.

According to the head of the Health Surveillance, Paul Costa Santana trade surveillance will be in charge of municipal health surveillance teams, which will perform a scan of producers.

For the proof of the existence of pesticide residues at high levels or substances prohibited by ANVISA in the samples, the producer will be notified by the secretary of Agriculture and Supply of Paraná and the products will be immediately removed from the market.

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