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The most serious problem was detected in lettuce, where 100% of the samples were irregular

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Among the cultures tested in supermarkets in Teresina, Piauí, 31% had levels of pesticides above the permitted or contained residues of pesticides not approved for those types of foods. It reveals that the last survey by the Program Analysis Pesticide Residues in Food (FOR) of ANVISA.

Data is worrying, since this kind of venom can cause serious health risks, which may vary from symptoms such as headaches, allergies and itching until the central nervous system disorders, liver diseases and cancer, the most serious cases of exposure, as is the case of rural workers.

In the state capital, lettuce heads the list of foods contaminated with pesticides, with 100% of the index unsatisfactory. Next comes the pepper and tomato with 83.3% to 66.7%. The cucumber and carrot had 50%. Since bananas, mangoes, apples, onions and beets showed no pesticide residues. Although the percentage was high, we have made great strides. Traders are concerned about this and are trying to do the screening to the producers ensuring the implementation of good agricultural practices, said the director of the Health Surveillance of Piaui, Tatiana Keys.

Each week, a team of Currency - composed of five trained technicians - is the collection of at least four food supermarkets in Teresina (rice, bananas, potatoes, onions, carrots, beans, orange, apple, strawberry, etc.). More than 100 samples are analyzed each year in the state. Our main objective is to minimize the risks of the population with pesticides, said the director.

Recently, the Federal Prosecutor's Office conducted a series of activities to permit holders of the Central Supply of Piaui on this subject. The event was attended by the Board of Sanitary Surveillance of Piauí (CURRENCY) and other federal and state agencies.

The extent of the law to control the marketing of food products is aimed at consumer protection, enforcing rules to also provide information on how food was produced, the composition and possible health risks. The Justice Department is making effective actions to monitor, guide and restrain the indiscriminate use of pesticides, among other practices.

<b> Care </ b>

To reduce the consumption of pesticides in foods, consumers should opt for products with source identified. This identification increases the commitment of producers for the quality of food, with the adoption of good agricultural practices.

It is also important to choose foods that the population of the age or manufactured by integrated production methods (which initially receive lower load of pesticides). Organic foods are also a good option because it does not use chemicals to produce.

The procedures for washing and removal of bark and outer leaves of vegetables help in reducing pesticide residues present only on the surfaces of food. Nothing removes the pesticide fruit as it enters the food, but these treatments reduce consumption, Tatiana said Chaves.

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