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Mayors of West Macroregion Health in Mines are demanding health

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The State Department of Health of Minas Gerais (SES / MG) initiate studies aimed at enabling the registration of 30 ICU beds for the health macroregion West Divinópolis polarized. The decision came after a meeting of the Secretary of State for Health, Antonio Jorge Marques de Souza, with more than 20 mayors of the region, as well as municipal secretaries of health and other local managers, with support from the Mining Association of Municipalities (AMM). It has been decided yet, which will be evaluated through the Secretariat for Adjustment Assistance, the indicators contracted with providers in the region. The goal is to optimize the service, providing more efficiency. The secretary also pledged to improve access to emergency care.

These meetings are very important for us to produce a consensus decision, so we have a unique speech with regard to these demands. I propose, including a new meeting in the first half of January so we can assess what has been done and continue the work we seek to solve the problems, said Antonio Jorge, further stating that the state has invested $ 29 million in the region within the Pro-Hosp, another R $ 6.4 million in the Pro-Emergency and Emergency Hosp, plus the $ 15 million for construction of the Public Hospital for trauma care.

The president of the MIA and the mayor of Sao Goncalo do Pará, Angelo Roncalli, said this is the way to build effective public health policies. Let's find solutions together. Our situation is worrisome in some ways and so produce a document, the Charter of Divinópolis, detailing our demands. We believe that with the Government, through the SES, we can give the answer that the Midwest needs.

Congressman Dominic Savio, present at the meeting also gave a positive assessment. With the commitment of the Government of Minas Gerais State Health and believe we can reverse some of the difficulties currently present in the region. Undoubtedly, the accreditation of new ICU beds already set up as a major step in that direction.

The president of the Regional Board Divinópolis Municipal Secretaries of Health of Minas Gerais (Cosems) and municipal health secretary of Luz, José Márcio Zanardi, reiterated that the process of improving health in the region is long term, but there are situations that can not wait. So we have come to deliver our needs to the Secretary.

The Mayor of Divinópolis Vladimir Azevedo, highlighted the need for unity between the small and large municipalities. We develop the solution together. The municipalities, without the regulation of Amendment 29, are overloaded. We must seek solutions together with the state. This meeting also will yield much fruit, he added.

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