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Federal District brand will surpass the 300 transplants in 2011

From January to November were performed 297 kidney transplants, heart and cornea, the latter being responsible for 253 procedures

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From January to November this year were performed 297 kidney transplants, cornea and heart in the Federal District. According to the coordinator of the Central Organ of the Funding Department of Health, Daniela Solomon Bridges, in November, the DF has been accredited by the Ministry of Health to also perform liver transplants in the Heart Institute by a team composed of professionals from Sao Paulo and Brasília.

According to the coordinator, you are creating the queue of patients with indication for liver transplantation. When the doctor identifies the need for surgery makes contact with the Central Catchment Organ query is forwarded to transplant and is waiting for organ donation.

Of the total of 253 transplants performed this year were the cornea. We are above the national average for this type of transplant, Daniela explains Solomon. 36 have also been made transplants of heart end and eight in the Federal District.

Kidney transplants can be performed at Hospital de Base, Brasilia University, Regional da Asa Norte and Santa Lucia. Heart transplantation at the Heart Institute of the Federal District and the Santa Lucia Hospital and liver, at the Heart Institute. Since corneal procedures are done in Base Hospitals, Catholic University, HUB, and nine private hospitals. Three teams in Brasilia Hospital and the Hospital Santa Lucia are accredited to perform bone marrow transplant.

The Central Organ Uptake works for 24 hours and meets by phone 3315 1755.

<b> Central Functions of organ DF </ b>

register the recipients of organs and tissues of the DF,

detect potential donors of organs,

consult the family about organ donation when brain death confirmed, arrange the removal of organs and tissues donated organs and distribute captured.

report regularly to the central organ of the National Transplant System the situation of the Single Technical Record,

provide data for the Single Technical Record, various stages of organ distribution, whenever requested by the constituent organizations of society.

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