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Ministry of Health prepares a document for World Conference Rio 20

Group work traces history since the Rio Conference SUS 92 and sets challenges for the coming year

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The Ministry of Health is working document with specific information on health in Brazil to be discussed in the context of the World Summit on Sustainable Development United Nations Rio 20, to be held in June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. Advances in health care in the country since the Conference Rio 92 and the challenges that health will face after the Rio 20 Conference are among the topics discussed.

In 1992 SUS covering 3% of primary care, now serve 61% or more than 100 million people benefit. In addition, there is a significant improvement of urban sanitation. These facts are a major advance for health in Brazil, says the director of the Department of Environmental Health Surveillance and Occupational Health Ministry of Health, Guilherme Franco Netto.

Besides pointing out positives, the paper intends to show other facts that affect the health of the population, such as uncontrolled urbanization. Brazil is the most urbanized country in Latin America, since it does not mean, necessarily, quality of life. What we have today are structured urban areas in an unplanned way, where the population is in poor condition and health of the population is directly affected by this sprawl, says Netto.

To prepare the document, the Ministry of Health established a working group (WG) for the conference. On November 14 the GT held a meeting on health in Rio 20, during the Congress of Epidemiology of the Association of Graduate Health (Abrasco) in Sao Paulo.

The meeting's objective was to obtain contributions to the document from the Ministry of health and sustainable development. During the event, delegates from several health areas were present and contributed positively to the development of the text. Entities such as Abrasco and Cebes will be encouraged to contribute to the vision of health of the Rio 20.

The Ministry of Health will hold a major meeting on the issue in April 2012. Is also conducting negotiations with the Organizing Committee for the Rio 20 conference program takes into account the discussions on the interfaces between health and sustainable development, says Netto.

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