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First results of national assessment SUS sdo not expected until December

Quality index was proposed to measure the performance of SUS at the local, state and federal

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A new tool for assessing the performance of SUS will now proceed by analyzing the Tripartite Committee (CIT) and must return to the agenda for approval in November. The Ministry of Health presented this Thursday (27) to commission the Development Index (SUS IDSUS), which will evaluate the system at the local, state and federal. Besides giving more transparency to the quality of services, the instrument will improve access to public health in the country. The expectation is that the first results are also reported in December.

The IDSUS will consist of a set of approximately 30 indicators of access and quality. The idea is to evaluate the different levels of care (Basic, Specialized Outpatient and Inpatient and Emergency), from the coverage and focus of the consultations and outpatient procedures and hospital, for example. In addition, the indicators will take into account the average annual number of hospitalizations, number of examinations, disease incidence, mortality rate, among other things.

Measuring performance is essential to assess how the health system can influence the quality of life, risk prevention and treatment of diseases, explains Paul of Tarsus Oliveira, director of Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Health

For each indicator will be calculated a simple note, 10 to 10. The marks obtained for each indicator will come two new bills, one for access and quality for every other level of attention. Finally, the scores of levels of care form the Performance Index of SUS explains.

The evaluation method is inspired by the Project Development Methodology for Performance Evaluation of the Brazilian Health System (Pro-Adesso) of ICICT-Fiocruz, which in turn is based on international experiences (WHO, England, Canada and others). The project also considered national experiences, such as the Pact for Health, and contributions from users, professionals and academics.

Results will be available for SUS municipal, state and federal, and note the performance of health regions. The evaluation clarifies the responsibility of the federal entities for the performance of SUS, reinforcing the need for shared commitment among the three levels of management to overcome them and achieve goals.

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