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The state has 54 registered mammography, but many of them may belong to private institutions without an agreement with the SUS

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The State Department of Health of Maranhão (SES) will make a detailed survey of mammography available in the state and the number of tests to check for lack of equipment in public health. The measure was adopted at the meeting of the Bipartite Commission (IWC), held last week.

The Ministry of Health requires that the state has a mammography unit for each 240 thousand inhabitants. Maranhão has 54 registered in mammography use. However, a follow-up done in the municipalities where these devices are installed found that the reality is different.

"It is possible that many of mammography are enrolled in private and do not have an agreement with the SUS for use in patients in public hospitals," said the superintendent of Regulation, Control and Evaluation of SES, Silvia Leite. Undersecretary Jose Marcio Leite reaffirmed the importance of this survey for the population. "We need to check where there is this mismatch of information so that we can rearrange the machines available to women and Maranhão this test so important," he said.

SES found in a preliminary survey, that despite the gap in the numbers registered, Maranhão mammography in all country regions. Only three regional health authorities do not have the equipment. "The ministry is to provide more money for a mammography to the Brazilian population and so this survey will show where are the real undiscovered areas in the state and, therefore, we can get funding from the federal government to buy more machines," said Silvia Leite.

With the mapping of mammography, the state will also meet the need of two other tests for the fight against cancer: ultrasonography and Pap smear, which detects HPV and cervical cancer. "With this equipment and tests have a real and present scenario of these cancers in Maranhão, and may invest in specialized medical care and campaigns focused on the disease," said the coordinator of the Health Department's Women's SES, Ana Maria Nogueira.

The Ministry of Health requires the state to make 331 mammograms per month in each of the installed mammography, and 15 000 sheets of cytopathology. "We need gynecologists specializing in colonoscopy, the test performed for the detection of cervical HPV, STDs that can lead to cancer," said Ana Maria.

It was also approved by the CIB proposal to install reference laboratories in all health regions to make the cytopathology, may be public or private, provided they are monitored by the SES and are subject to accreditation, both laboratory and municipality, if there is no fulfillment of the goals related to women's health.

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