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Experts differ on the implications of using mobile phone for health

Was discussed at a public hearing before the Commission of Science and Technology, Communication and Computing

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Experts differed on the implications of cell phone use for health, public hearing on Tuesday (18), the Committee on Science and Technology, Communication and Computing. All were unanimous in saying that there is no scientific evidence that cellphone use causes damage to cancerous tumors, but research shows that these cases have gradually increased, which, for some it may come from the use of mobile phones.

I do not know if there is a direct relationship between cell phone use with brain tumor cases, but there is evidence and research showing the increase in these cases. If there is still no way to prove that the phone is one of the causes, it is important that government and telecommunications industries to do more research before we know the answer, suggested Rep. Rodrigo Maia (RJ-DEM), who requested the hearing.

The general manager of Engineering certification of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), Marco Oliveira, said the evidence that exists today about the health hazards are not scientifically proven and that therefore there is no need to change anything beyond the care that are already taken.

The manager of Technology Equipment of the National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA), Marcio Varani, noted that the agency's mission is to protect the population and so far there are no records about the evils that cause cell.

<b> radiation levels </ b>

For the professor of the Center for Telecommunications Studies and Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Gláucio Smith, regardless of suspicious cell phone use does not affect human health in any way. The levels of radiation emitted by cellular radio and the bases are well below levels considered safe. We can rest easy about it. 70% of the population uses cell phone, so if there was a 0.01% chance to cause brain cancer cell, or in any area of ​​the head, the number of such cases would be significantly higher than reported today, he said.

<b> Warning </ b>

But for some guests, as Professor of Physics at USP and electrical engineer Chagas Osorio Meirelles, would be ideal if there were a moderate use of cell phone until they are effectively ruled out any chances of damage to health by the use of mobile phones. When making a presentation about the interaction of electromagnetic fields with living tissues, Chagas showed how the use of the device can end up causing further damage.

According to the Head of Department of Neurosurgery, Federal Hospital de Ipanema (RJ), Julius Thome de Souza Silva, the relationship between mobile devices and the high increase in cases of brain cancer is right, because that is what I see on a daily exercising my profession.

Souza Silva made a presentation with several studies showing that facts have been proven. In one of the results, he said, it was clear that the rural population, where rates of cell phone use is minor compared to major cities, cases of brain tumors were also smaller. In addition, all mobile phone manual is written to leave the equipment away from the body while it is not in use. Therefore, it should cause any problems, he said.

<b> Restraints phone </ b>

Asked by Rep. Julio Campos (DEM-MT) on which the solution of the problem, since no one will stop using the phone and there is no scientific proof that it is actually harmful to health, Professor Meirelles, USP, urges caution the use of the device.

He suggested that we make a campaign encouraging the moderate use of cellular and especially discouraging use by children, unless very necessary. Souza Silva also proposed the use of headphones connected to the phone, or greater use of the speakerphone, which have potential radiation that harm health.

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