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Incor campaign promotes "My Healthy Plate" by the World Food Day

Idea is to guide on how to eat well to protect themselves from the biggest killers, especially heart and brain

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The Nutrition and Dietetic Service of the Heart Institute of the Hospital das Clínicas (Incor) promotes on Monday (17) My Campaign healthy dish. The event, which marks World Food Day, celebrated today (16), fear goal of educating the public on how to eat well to protect against diseases that kill most, especially the heart and brain. People of all ages will have the amount of body fat, BMI (Body Mass Index), evaluated by nutritionists Incor, who also teach practical ways of how to adopt, without trauma, healthy eating habits. The big news is the launch and distribution of guidance booklet created by nutritionists Incor, with all the information needed to bring the dish of the day to day to a model of sound nutrition and typically Brazilian.

With teaching language and richly illustrated, My Healthy Plate (go now) teaches what to put in the dish, which foods should be reduced and those who owe their composition increased, both for those who want physical well-being and for those who need to lose weight. It also clarifies that each group contains food - carbohydrates, animal protein and vegetable, sugar etc.. Provides examples of menus that the principle of My Healthy Plate is applied, suggestions for snacks between meals and recipes for tasty, nutritious and low calorie. The tips of how to get out of a sedentary lifestyle are precious information, aggregated to the diet will lead people to lose weight gradually and without giving up tasty dishes.

From worldwide experience, we developed the proposal Incor aligned with the profile of Brazilian food. On the other hand, intimate knowledge of people's difficulties in adopting new dietary habits and life, our day to day at Incor, gave us to create an approach that to some extent, reduces the player's reluctance to join a new proposal for life, said Mitsue Isosaki, SND director and co-author of My Healthy Plate.

<b> Brazil will have access to all online book </ b>

Those who participate in the Campaign Incor My Healthy Plate will not have the excuse of forgetting what was learned from the Incor nutritionists, to postpone the change in eating habits now.

To always have the information of the Heart Institute at the table, the participant will take home an American game with pictures of various models of how to compose the dish with healthy diet, lunch and dinner.

In addition, the booklet My Healthy Plate is available for free access site do Incor.

Although the site of the Heart Institute, people can watch for free from anywhere and at any time in Brazil, the online course How to Take Care of Your Heart by matrícula via internet Como Cuidar do seu Coração and read the book.

My Healthy Plate brings the experience of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Incor in more than 30 years treating people with heart problems and their risk factors (obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, smoking and physical inactivity).

The inspiration for the way that knowledge is didactically presented to the reader came from the Brazilian campaigns Color Plate, the Federal Council of Nutritionists and American, "My plate", the U.S. Government.

Brazilian feeds <b> worse </ b>

According to IBGE data, more than 60% of Brazilians consume the amount of sugar than recommended by the Ministry of Health (10% of the total intake of daily calories), and at least 82% of the population exceeds the optimal consumption of saturated fat (7% intake of total daily calories).

The average Brazilian consumes 1,490 to 2,289 kcal - 16% of these are ingested in foods consumed outside the home. The Brazilian also has been abusing processed products with high content of saturated fats, sugar and salt, such as Oreo, industrialized snacks, pizza, candy and soft drinks are certainly responsible for the high consumption of saturated fats and sugar.

In the opposite, the population is reducing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, these foods is essential to maintain health and prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

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