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In unprecedented treatment, implant mechanical heart patient recovers SUS

After using a mechanical ventricle by two months, the natural heart patient had recovered and discharged

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First reported case in Brazil, the merchant Sergio Genaro Alexander, 48, recovered heart function after using an artificial heart for two months and was discharged this week. Sergio suffered from severe heart failure, but only discovered the problem when he tests for renal surgery when it was transferred to the National Institute of Cardiology (INC). "Only 30% of my heart was working, so I underwent a bypass surgery," says Sergio.

The Institute's chief of surgery and cardiovascular surgeon, Alexandre Siciliano explains the fact that a bypass operation, but the heart could not bear the trauma and needed to implant the artificial ventricle. "It is a device available on the INC, which is outside the body for up to six months, until the patient finds a donor, the doctor explains. The good news is that only with the implantation of artificial heart ventricle Sergio Alexandre recovered the functions and it will not longer need a transplant.

I thought my heart would not stand, I would die. Born again, says the patient. According to the surgeon Alexandre Siciliano, the expectation is that Sergio has little or no restrictions. It was great that happen. How many other patients will be able to hope to leave the hospital with his heart, celebrates Genaro Ana Lucia, sister of Sergio.

Now it new life. I want to walk, I leave, I want to take my heart as much as possible to give me a good time, celebrate Sergio. The merchant is hospitalized and recovering well in Heart Failure Unit and Heart Transplantation (UICTC).

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The use of artificial ventricle heart committed to recovery can be a good alternative treatment. In transplantation, in addition to the risks inherent in a new surgery after implantation of artificial ventricle and revascularization, patients come to depend on drugs to combat organ rejection. But the main problem is not the surgery itself, but the waiting time. Without the use of artificial ventricles, the patient is subject to the appearance of a compatible heart, which, for people with severe heart failure, may mean dying in the queue.

After all, the heart is an organ of rapid deterioration. In the U.S., external artificial hearts are used in 30% to 40% of patients waiting for a compatible heart and less than 5% of heart patients have recovered and are now no longer need the transplant.

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