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City of Rio Dengue Kit takes children from schools and day care centers

Children received the material, including posters and DVD with general information about the disease

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To try to reverse the epidemic of dengue scheduled for next summer, the city of Rio de Janeiro launched the D-Day to Combat Dengue in schools and day care centers. The launch took place at the Municipal School Ottoni Benedict, in the Maracana Stadium, north of the city. The children got the Dengue Kit, which includes posters and DVD with general information about the disease. All schools with classes from 1st to 5th year received the kit.

Mayor Eduardo Paes said that while the municipal government is in an advanced stage in the fight against dengue, without the massive participation of the population is expected that Rio has the worst epidemic in the summer of 2012.

We have a good number of health workers, have the smoke [insecticide that eliminates the mosquito], we have the Family Health Program. But despite all that I feel strongly that this is the worst epidemic in history. I hope I'm wrong, but it is important that people work together. At least two thirds of cases are people who are breeding at home, Paes said.

5th grade student, Ana Clara Smith, 11, said he would pass on everything you learned about dengue fever for the family and friends that will monitor the neighborhood. Can not leave standing water but will be very much egg and mosquito. A friend of mine has had dengue fever, high fever and body ache spot. It is very dangerous.

In the morning, the city promoted the 5th Walk Mobilization against Dengue. Health workers and volunteers marched through city streets in order to identify outbreaks of the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

On 1 September, the mayor declared a state of alert against dengue in the city. Among the measures announced at the time they are doubling the number of agents of health surveillance, increasing the number of poles of services and purchase of new cars and equipment.

Tomorrow, during the bimonthly meeting of parents held in all schools, all those responsible for children will receive a pamphlet with information about the disease and how to prevent it. Technical talks are planned with the Department of Health by the end of the year for teachers and students. In addition, the theme will be included in the educational program.

By the end of next summer, there will be joint efforts to identify and eliminate outbreaks of the mosquito that causes the disease in the city's neighborhoods

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